To The Herald-Whig:

The state of New York recently passed a horrific new abortion law removing almost all previous restrictions. The law now allows abortions to be performed up to the point of natural birth by physicians and also by some non-physician health care practitioners. It also removes protections for babies who accidentally survive an abortion procedure. Those living, breathing babies can now legally be killed by one means or another after being born. The law also prevents pregnant women whose babies are killed in an attack on the mother from seeking justice, as the unborn child is now officially no longer a person in New York.

At a press conference, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo signed this new legislation into law amidst ear-to-ear smiles and gleeful applause from gathered Democrats, abortionists and women's rights activists. In my total disgust at this spectacle I could not help thinking that the only thing missing from this celebration was the golden calf!

Can the degradation of this country get any worse under Democrats? Of course it can, and probably will, if good people continue to stand by and do nothing to end this modern-day holocaust.

So what exactly could be done to stop this abomination? It is actually quite simple. Being a Catholic myself, I am suggesting that my fellow Catholics could stop this slaughter by the Democratic Party by no longer voting for any Democrat until their party recognizes the right to life for the unborn. A vote for any Democrat, no matter how "good" that candidate might be, still strengthens the Democratic Party. To make the message truly meaningful, they all must be excluded.

I understand party loyalty, but the extremist positions of the Democratic Party of today moves it far away from the Democratic Party ideals of our parents, yet nearly half of Catholics still vote for them. If just half of that number from the last election refused to vote for another Democrat because of this one issue, their opponents would win by a landslide, sending an unmistakable message that could not be ignored.

Please keep one coincidental statistic in mind when you next go to the polls. The number of abortions performed in this country since Roe v. Wade became law is nearly equivalent to the number of votes cast for the Democrat in the last presidential election.

Is this what you want your vote to stand for?

William J. Postle


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