Parent sues School Board over face mask, temperature check mandates

QUINCY -- A Quincy woman has filed suit against the Quincy School Board over requiring face masks and temperature checks for her child to attend school.

Roni Quinn seeks an injunction barring the School Board from enforcing the mandates against her child, a fourth-grader attending Quincy Public Schools, and says the board overstepped its authority in issuing the requirements.


A hearing is set for 11 a.m. Thursday in Adams County Court.

Quincy Public Schools officials had no official comment on the suit Friday morning. Officials were planning to meet Friday with the district's attorneys.

"This is about our children's right to an education and allowing decisions such as these to be left to the parents not our government/local officials," Quinn said in a post on the Re-Open Adams County Illinois Facebook page.

"If you want to send your child to school in a mask, by all means you have that right. As it stands right now, no one has the right to choose to send their child to school without a mask. That is not ok. These rights belong to the parents."

In the post, Quinn said the suit is not a "jab" at QPS Superintendent Roy Webb who is "doing the best he can with what we has" but a way for parents to put choices back in their hands.

"We decide what is best for our child," she said in the post.

The suit claims no evidence of "a high incidence" of COVID-19 within the district.

As of Thursday, Adams County had 141 COVID-19 cases. Seven people were hospitalized in the county, and a total of 46 people in the county have recovered.

As part of its plan to reopen schools for the 2020-21 year, QPS said that all students will be required to wear face coverings and will be screened for a temperature check prior to entering a bus or a school, with those having a temperature above 100 degrees being isolated and sent home.

The suit seeks a declaration that the mandated face coverings and temperature checks are unlawful because the mandates were issued "for no other reason than the general purpose of trying to prevent the spread of an infectious disease" and in Illinois, "health regulations which merely tend to prevent the spread of an infectious disease are unlawful."

Quinn is represented by Thomas DeVore, Erik Hyam and the Silver Lake Group, based in Highland. DeVore represents several clients, including two Republican elected officials, who have sued Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker over his emergency orders related to COVID-19.


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