QUINCY -- The new owner of Adams School and Madison School says it was the opportunity to work with two of his sons that spurred his interest in buying the shuttered buildings.

The Quincy School Board, meeting in special session Tuesday morning, accepted the offer made by John Rupp, and his sons Blake and Bryce, selling the two schools at the minimum price of $200,000 each.

The sale is expected to close Dec. 19.

Rupp said the trio is forming a new corporation, expected to be called Rupp Properties, to manage the properties and will convert Adams to light commercial use and Madison into apartments.

"Madison we'll probably be starting right away," Rupp said. "Adams will depend on getting a renter in there, getting rezoned for light commercial and finding the right person to be in there -- a doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant or something like that."

But a first step with Adams will be subdividing the north part of the property along Washington Street for residential use and selling the lots.

"There's hardly any new lots for building houses in town," Rupp said. "It's the perfect location for somebody."

Rupp and his sons may renovate the Adams building to suit the renter, "or else possibly they'll do their own renovation and rent the building," he said.

Rupp and his son Bryce, as Rupp Rentals, take care of around 75 rental properties including apartment buildings and commercial space.

Blake Rupp, who served in the Coast Guard for five years, recently came back to Quincy to join the family business. Another son, Justin, oversees Rupp Masonry, the family's original business.

"I'm looking forward to working with my two kids," Rupp said. "That's the reason we're doing this."

Work on the schools will be "a slow process," Rupp said, but it will be a priority for the family.

Rupp plans to sell a lot in East Lake Center once planned for apartments, and property at Fourth and Broadway, to focus on the schools. Plans also call for closing the Rupp Rental business and selling its equipment.

At a Sept. 28 auction, the school district sold Berrian School, a vacant lot near Berrian and Ellington School but had no bids on Adams or Madison. Rupp bid unsuccessfully on Berrian but didn't go to the auctions for Adams and Madison, thinking the buildings might sell for around $500,000.

Getting both buildings for the $200,000 minimum price was a bargain, but "we'll see in a year," Rupp said.

The location and quality of the school buildings, along with the large lots, also spurred the Rupps to buy.

"They've all been taken care of really good," Rupp said. "It's a lot of school. It's a lot to take care of, but that's what we do."

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