A timeline of the David Lee Roth/Eddie Van Halen feud:

Posted: Feb. 6, 2008 9:02 pm Updated: Jun. 2, 2010 9:59 pm

1972-74: David Lee Roth auditions for -- and fails to get -- the frontman job for Eddie's band, Mammoth. However, the band does rent Roth's PA system for a reported $50 a night -- and eventually gives him the job after Eddie grows tired of singing himself.

1982: With tensions between Van Halen and Roth, Eddie talks to Gene Simmons about replacing Ace Frehley in Kiss, according to Simmons' book "Kiss and Make Up." Simmons says he persuaded Eddie to return to his band.

1978-85: With Roth at the mike, Van Halen sells 35 million albums.

1985: Roth leaves Van Halen. Or was fired. Months later, Sammy Hagar takes his place.

1985-1996: Van Halen goes on to sell 20 million- plus albums with Hagar.

JUNE 1996: Roth records a pair of limp new songs with Van Halen, but the reunion implodes after the singer and the guitarist threaten each other after the MTV awards.

OCTOBER 1996: Van Halen names Gary Cherone as new lead singer, prompting Roth's letter that said, "I can't think of a reason Edward would lie to me about being considered for the lead singer when he had already hired someone." Countered the Van Halen camp: "We parted company with David Lee Roth 11 years ago for many reasons. In his open letter ... we were reminded of some of them."

2000: Roth says he and Van Halen have worked on three songs, and then ... nothing. Eddie says the band is "continuing to work in the studio." Talk of a tour featuring both Roth and Hagar fronting the band disintegrates.

2002: Roth and Hagar quit waiting for a reunion and head out on tour together.

2004: Hagar reunites with the band for a less-than-sold-out tour that features a shirtless Eddie visibly impaired onstage. A planned second leg never happens.

FEB. 2, 2007: The band announces that Roth will rejoin Van Halen for a summer tour. Said Roth: "As far as hurt feelings and water under the dam . . . so what? It's showbiz!" Eddie turns his ire on Michael Anthony, replacing him with his son.

FEB. 20, 2007: The tour is indefinitely postponed. Turns out Eddie entered rehab, causing the delay.

MARCH 2007: Eddie and Alex Van Halen refuse to go to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, and the Hall doesn't want Roth to perform on his own, so he skips the event as well. Said Diamond Dave: "What's happening here with this (induction) is part and parcel of the same spiral that screwed up the tour."

AUG. 13, 2007: And it's back on -- the band announces that it's all systems go. Said Eddie: "We are a band and we're gonna continue."

-- Scripps Howard News Service