Terrorists do not represent Islam, which is a religion of kindness

Posted: Nov. 30, 2015 12:01 am
To The Herald-Whig:

In the aftermath of the Paris and Beirut massacres, and at the persuasion of some friends, I am writing this letter to project my feelings to the community here.

There is so much hatred for Islam and Muslims in this country. People do not understand that the very word Islam denotes submission. Out of the 1.6 billion or more Muslims, some misguided people, who do not represent Islam, take it upon themselves to create their own cells of hate. These so-called Muslims do not know a word of the Quran it seems. Nowhere in the book does it say to kill an innocent person. In fact, killing of an innocent, unarmed person, is the same as killing all of mankind. Even in a war, it is decreed that a Muslim cannot kill a woman, a child or destroy trees or crops.

These murderers call their "Cry of Faith" as Islamic States. Really and truly, there is nothing Islamic about their behavior.

People in the media have provided a "cut and paste" formula of the various passages from the Quran, stating that it says to kill the infidels. But these people have not read the entire passage of explanations given. The media takes one verse out of context and elaborates on the killing of the infidels. And let me tell ­you -- Christians and Jews are not infidels according to God's words. They are people of the Book. They believe in one God.

The infidels quoted in the Quran were the idol worshippers who did not believe in the oneness of God, period. The message in the Holy Book is to inform and warn, and not to be belligerent toward others. Muslims according to a hadith -- sayings of the prophet -- cannot use the tongue to talk ill about others, or use their hands to hurt others who are innocent.

So for these Islamic State men and women who want to kill at random, there has to be a hell waiting for them. They have not only killed Christians and Jews, they have killed Muslims. They are a sick and deranged set of rabid animals who have taken a simple and beautiful religion, as hostage.

There is a hadith that says, "Kindness is the mark of faith; and whoever is not kind, has no faith."

Dr. Zakiah Sayeed Ali