Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Nov. 2, 2018

Posted: Nov. 2, 2018 10:30 am

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:02 p.m. Nov. 1 and 4:51 a.m. Nov. 2.

18-30291 Arrest Frank Wainwright, 24, for aggravated domestic battery at 712 Country Club Heights on 11/1/18. Lodged.

18-30293 Arrest Samantha R. Nokes, 26, 1804 Jacqueline, for failure to stop-highway construction sign at 12th and Diana Drive. PTC.

18-28898 Theft Shirley Wingerter, 70, reports the theft of her LG cell phone from 921 N. 24th on 10/9/18. No suspects.

18-29040 Theft Pamela Potter, 75, reports the theft of a lawn ornament from 1110 St. Vincent Drive on 10/18/18. No suspects.

18-30289 Traffic Arrest Cynthia Bunch, 55, for speeding at 46th and Harrison on 11/1/18.

18-30223 Traffic Arrest Heidi Rauch, 47, for failure to reduce speed-accident at 24th and Wismann Lane on 10/31/18.

18-30348 Arrest Mary Thompson, 19, Quincy, for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. Cash bond.

18-30310 Arrest/Lodged Otis Gardner, 50, 714 Cedar St., for domestic battery at his residence on 11/1/18. Lodged.

18-30323 Arrest/Lodged Danielle Waterkotte, 22, 1308 N. 11th, for violation of bail bond and resisting a peace officer at 1308 N. 11th on 11/1/18. Lodged.

18-30364 Arrest/Lodged Mackenzie Smith, 42, Quincy, for unlawful possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

18-29798 Criminal Damage Elizabeth Clow, 1128 N. 20th, reports the front window to her residence was broken on 10/26/18.

18-29062 Criminal Damage Matthew Stiern, 831 N. Fifth, Apt. 2, reports his grey 2001 Toyota had the windshield broken while parked at Eighth and R.J. Peters on 10/18/18.

18-28541 Recovered Property James Allen, 59, Quincy, reported he found three cell phones at 17th and Cherry. Property recovered.

18-28831 Recovered Property Daniel Barry, 45, Quincy, located a portable breathalyzer at 708 Cedar. Property Recovered.

18-28158 Theft Brittany Smith, 35, Quincy, reported her 7-year-old multicolored beagle was stolen from her backyard on 10/09/18.

18-30379 Traffic Arrest Rinaldo Robinson, 48, 630 Chestnut, for disobeying stop sign at Third and Chestnut on 11/2/18. PTC.

18-30353 Traffic Arrest Autumn Owsley, 25, 5028 E. Paradise Lane, for operating uninsured vehicle at Fourth and Elm on 11/1/18. NTA.

Sherlain Boyd, 21, 902 N. Sixth, for operating uninsured vehicle at Ninth and Washington on 11/1/18. NTA.

Angela Dolbeare, 40, 820 Jackson, Quincy, for operating uninsured vehicle at Eighth and Jackson on 11/1/18. NTA.

Michael Sanders, 35, 7555 U.S. 24, Apt. B, Taylor, Mo., for disobeying stop sign at Sixth and State on 11/1/18. PTC.

18-30332 Traffic Arrest Andrew Bauer, 35, 166 S. High, Plainville, for operating uninsured vehicle at Eighth and York on 11/1/18. NTA.

18-30254 Traffic Arrest Shelley Wilson, 49, 1135 Washington, for failure to secure child in a safety seat and driving while license suspended at Fifth and Broadway on 10/31/18. Cash bond.

18-30372 Traffic Arrest Casadie Winner, 23, 1711 N. 17th, for no valid driver's license at 10th and Monroe on 11/2/18. NTA.

18-30358 Warrant Arrest Cameron Grove, 25, 825 S. 21st, on a warrant for FTA-driving while license suspended on 11/1/18. Cash Bond.

Wesley Simmons, 47, 825 1/2 Jersey, on a warrant for FTA-failure to register as a sex offender on 11/1/18. Lodged.

Gidget Claus, 47, 615 Jackson, on a warrant for FTA.

18-30328 Warrant Arrest Taylour Toolate, 25, Quincy, on warrants for FTA-aggravated battery and FTA-pedestrian use of the roadway at Fourth and Lind on 11/1/18. Lodged.