Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Dec. 5, 2018

Posted: Dec. 5, 2018 10:10 am

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:46 p.m. Dec. 4 and 4:52 a.m. Dec. 5.

18-30299 Arrest Patsy R.S. Bassett, 29, Quincy, for ticket on file for felony retail theft at 2600 N. 12th on 11/1/18. Lodged.

18-32504 Arrest Brandon A. Hanlin, 22, 1330 Jefferson, for reckless driving, fleeing to elude police officer and operating uninsured vehicle at 17th and Payson. USC.

18-32297 Arrest Oluwatimilehin J. Ajayi, 22, Quincy, and Danyil F. Vayser, 21, Quincy, for stealing from Walmart at 5211 Broadway on 11/23/18. NTA.

18-32859 Burglary David Waterkotte, 58, reports that a property he owns on North 17th Street was burglarized, and numerous items were taken some time between 11/27 and 11/28/18.

18-32391 Theft Judy Argabright, 66, reports the theft of U.S. currency from the porch of 632 Pawn Ave. on 11/21/18.

18-33311 Traffic Arrest Michael R. Norris, 37, Quincy, for disobeying a traffic signal at 48th and Maine on 12/4/18. PTC.

18-33283 Traffic Arrest Elisabeth A. Klene, 22, Quincy, for failure to yield-right of way at 15th and Maple on 12/3/18. PTC.

18-33298 Traffic Arrest Erma Robertson, 60, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at Fourth and Broadway on 12/4/18. PTC.

18-33134 Traffic Arrest Abigail L. Bias, 18, for improper lane usage and driving with expired license between Ninth and 10th on Oak on 12/2/18. NTA.

18-33305 Traffic Arrest Nathan E. Trenter, 35, for failure to wear seat belt at Third and Elm on 12/4/18. PTC.

18-33297 Traffic Arrest Brandon M. Savage, 36, for operation of vehicle without registration at 17th and Broadway on 12/4/18. PTC.

18-33308 Warrant Arrest Channelle E. Lafond, 23, for an outstanding warrant out of Missouri for possession of a controlled substance. Lodged.

18-30299 Arrest Steven R. Williams, 21, Quincy, for a ticket on file for retail theft at 2600 N. 12th on 11/1/18. NTA.

18-33232 Arrest Hunter Collier, 18, LaGrange, Mo., and Abbygail Palmer, 20, Ursa, both for shoplifting at 6100 Broadway on 12/3/18. NTA.

18-32404 Arrest Wesley Bowen, 57, 527 Broadway, Apt. 210, for retail theft at 3701 Broadway on 11/24/18. NTA.

18-33242 Arrest/Lodged George Griffin, 28, 6524 Broadway, for violation of an order of protection. Lodged.

18-32325 Hit and Run Kaela Klitz, 708 S. 15th, reports her grey Nissan was hit and run while driving at 24th and Harrison on 11/23/18. Damage was to the passenger rear tire and axle.

18-32889 Traffic Arrest Morgan Lewis, 19, 1127 Madison, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 12th and Broadway on 11/29/18. PTC.

Tafone Mayfield, 22, 1834 Hilltop Drive, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 12th and Westwood Drive on 12/4/18. PTC.

James Tourney, 49, 1104 Chestnut, for expired registration at 11th and Chestnut on 12/4/18. PTC.

Daniel Reynolds, 39, 820 Cherry, for operating uninsured vehicle at Seventh and Broadway on 12/4/18. NTA.

Stephane Grubb, 19, 215 S. Oak, Monroe City, Mo., for improper lane usage at Eighth and State on 12/3/18. PTC.

18-33288 Traffic Arrest James Peters, 38, 808 Maine, Apt. C, for driving while suspended license at Eighth and Maine on 12/4/18. NTA.

Mia Cobern, 19, 128 1/2 N. 24th, for driving while license suspended at 18th and Jefferson on 12/3/18. NTA.

Jason Launer, 44, 616 S. 16th, for speeding at 24th and Oak on 12/3/18.

Jevante Cannon, 21, 911 Jersey, Unit B, for using electronic communication device at 12th and Park Place on 12/3/18. PTC.

18-33281 Traffic Arrest Jeffery Willingham, 56, 312 S. 11th, for expired registration at Eighth and Hampshire on 12/3/18. PTC.

18-33371 Warrant Arrest Kim Wilson-Oldfield, 56, 215 Locust, on a warrant for FTA-aggravated assault on 12/4/18. Lodged.

18-33385 Warrant Arrest Brock Smith, 38, 617 Harrison Drive, on a warrant for FTA-obstructing ID at Indian Hills on 12/4/18. Lodged.

18-33351 Warrant Arrest Christopher Gravitt, 21, 925 N. 11th, for city warrants FTA-truancy, shoplifting and operating uninsured vehicle at 14th and Kentucky on 12/4/18. Lodged.