Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Jan. 9, 2019

Posted: Jan. 9, 2019 9:41 am

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:04 p.m. Jan. 8 and 5:19 a.m. Jan. 9.

18-34058 Arrest Takeya L. Jones, 42, 932 Hampshire, for retail theft at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

19-00669 Arrest Jerrica A.M. Harlow, 29, 1426 Lisa Drive, for disobey stop sign at Fifth and Oak. PTC.

19-00556 Arrest Christopher J. Williams, 57, 816 1/2 N. Sixth for disorderly conduct at 2603 Cherry. NTA.

19-00602 Arrest Carol M. Haistings, 56, 4318 Bramblewood Court, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 33rd and State. PTC.

19-00602 Arrest Taylor A. Ridgeway, 24, 2049 Cherry, for operating uninsured vehicle at 33rd and State. NTA.

19-00209 Arrest Benjamin J. Inman, 21, 611 Country Club Heights, Apt. 228, for trespassing at 205 S. 24th. NTA.

19-00113 Retail Theft Arlo D. Pernell, Jr., 24, was arrested for retail theft for an incident that occurred at 6th St. Mini Mart, 537 Broadway, on 1/2/19.

19-34387 Theft Report Amy Crawford reports that an unknown person stole $60 from the self-checkout register that she had just used at Walmart. Crawford forgot to take the money with her when she completed her purchase. When she returned it was gone.

19-00736 Arrest/Lodged Oliver J. Hutt, 39, 1505 N. Sixth, domestic battery at 1505 N. Sixth. Lodged.

19-00746 Arrest/Lodged James A. Hodgson, 25, 514 1/2 Payson Ave., FTA-drug paraphernalia at 521 Vermont. Lodged.

19-00734 Arrest/Lodged Kevin C. Roth, 29, 205 1/3 N. 10th, FTA-OV shoplifting at 227 Locust.

18-34452 Domestic Violence Anthony Deleon, 35, and Merlena Deleon, 37, 1119 S. 23rd, were in an argument at their residence. Anthony and Merlena shoved each other back and forth. Referred to state’s attorney.

18-34665 Residential Burglary Vicky Shumpert, 56, 1538 Spring, reported her residence was entered on 12/19/18. Nothing found missing.

19-00611 Retail Theft Sarah Diamond of Kohl’s, 6100 Broadway, reported a white female left the store without paying for $145 worth of merchandise.

18-35511 Theft Bryanna Smith, 35, Quincy, reported that she left her purse in a shopping cart at Dollar Tree, 3737 Broadway, and it was stolen.

19-00717 Traffic Arrest Ivan Potts, 18, Edina, Mo., for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

19-00650 Traffic Arrest Paul T. Dacon II, 36, Ewing, Mo., for expired registration. PTC.

19-00726 Traffic Arrest Jacob Terry, 19, Quincy, for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

19-00718 Traffic Arrest Ella M. Jones, 39, Quincy, for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

19-00703 Traffic Arrest Michael R. Harper, 37, Palmyra, Mo., for driving while license revoked. NTA.