Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Feb. 18, 2019

Posted: Feb. 18, 2019 3:10 pm

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:08 p.m. Feb. 13, 5:01 a.m. Feb. 14, 5:12 p.m. Feb. 14, 5:09 a.m. Feb. 15, 5:42 p.m. Feb. 15, 4:59 a.m. Feb. 16, 4:50 p.m. Feb. 16, 4:51 a.m. Feb. 17, 4:57 p.m. Feb. 17 and 5:41 a.m. Feb. 18.

19-03894 Arrest Dennis L. Will, 62, Griggsville, for failure to reduce speed.

19-03884 Arrest Ortiz Gonzalez, 27, Quincy, for failure to yield-left turn.

19-03892 Arrest Christopher M. Andrews, 35, Quincy, for uninsured motor vehicle.

19-03883 Arrest Deeahana M. Gholston, 34, 514 York, for FTA-fighting at 514 York. Lodged.

19-03882 Arrest Patricia L. Robinson, 25, 3604 Tonja, for FTA-pen liquor in public at 521 Vermont. Lodged.

19-03841 Arrest Matthew Smith, 36, Quincy, for uninsured vehicle.

19-03859 Arrest Westley Campen, 27, Quincy, for disregarding stop sign.

19-03486 Criminal Damage Kurt Kipling reported the rear side window of his 2004 Cadillac was broken on 2/7. No suspects.

19-00237 Criminal Damage Ernest Mcaneny, 1120 N. Eighth, reports a window was broken out of his residence on 1/3/19.

19-03501 Hit and Run Sherri Fuller reported her 2016 Buick was struck by another vehicle at 1400 Harrison on 2/7/19.

19-03177 Hit and Run Nathan Morrison reported his 2014 Chevrolet was struck by another vehicle a 640 S. Front.

19-02665 Residential Burglary Jennifer Miles reports that a residence she owns at 824 N. 12th had the copper piping stripped and a water heater stolen on 1/30/19.

19-03229 Theft Marjorie Reeves reported that a lawn chair and a mailbox were stolen on 2/4/19 at 1225 Klondike.

19-03773 Vandalism Mike Peterson reported his 2002 Pontiac had eggs thrown on it between 2/9 and 2/10/19.

19-03928 Arrest Everette Abbey, 41, 1237 N. 11th, for expired registration. PTC.

19-00273 Arrest Traffic Justin R. Golay, 36, Quincy, citations for leaving the scene, too fast for conditions and illegal transportation of alcohol at 1728 S. 24th. Cash bond.

19-03910 Arrest/Lodged Nathaniel K. Anderson, 40, 822 Webb, Hannibal, Mo., for violation of bail bond. Lodged.

19-03905 Arrest/Lodged Cody A. Bence, 22, Quincy, for FTA-uninsured motor vehicle and FTA-driving revoked (Adams County) and FTA-driving revoked (Pike County).

19-03674 Arrest Jodi LeMatty, 38, of Quincy for possession of methamphetamine.

19-03986 Arrest Reed Hyer, 19, Quincy, for no seat belt (passenger).

Mitchell Maas, 19, Quincy, for no seat belt (driver).

19-03963 Arrest Chad E. Harper, 34, Quincy, for FTA-possession of cannabis. Cash bond.

19-03778 Arrest Todd R. Eyler, 45, Quincy, for too fast for conditions.

19-03942 Arrest/Lodged Raymond N. Davis, 28, Quincy, arrested for aggravated domestic battery, resisting a peace officer and criminal sexual assault at 415 Hampshire. Lodged.

19-03947 Arrest/Lodged Brandon K. Gore, 30, Quincy, arrested on a motion to revoke bond, FTA-theft, FTA-criminal trespass to state land, FTA-interfering, FTA-trespassing and FTA-possession of cannabis at 300 Cedar, Apt 4. Lodged.

19-02490 Hit and Run Aaron Werneth, 2044 Spring, reports the mirror on his parked vehicle was broken off by a passing car on 1/28.

19-03490 Theft Sharon Rockwell, 101 N. Fourth, reported U.S. currency stolen from her purse.

19-04003 Arrest Kaylee M. Wittler, 20, Canton, Mo., arrested for shoplifting and possession of cannabis at 3246 Quincy Mall, Factory Connection. NTA.

19-02292 Arrest Willie H. McNair, Jr., 33, Quincy, arrested for fighting at Fifth and Hampshire on 2/9/19. NTA.

19-04026 Arrest/Lodged Ricky Huggins, 43, homeless, for FTA-possession of cannabis and driving while license revoked. Lodged.

19-03836 Found Bicycle An orange bicycle was found at 501 Broadway on 2/12/19. Logged as recovered property.

19-04041 Arrest William Meyers, 39, 2514 Steven Drive, on a warrant for FTA-operating uninsured vehicle and a new charge of operating uninsured vehicle at 10th and Locust on 2/15/19. Lodged and NTA.

19-00273 Arrest Jenna D. Arrowsmith, 43, Quincy, arrested for fighting at 510 Jersey on 1/4/19. NTA.

19-03774 Arrest/Lodged Jonathan B. Hoats, 20, Quincy, for production/dissemination of child pornography and predatory criminal sexual assault. Lodged.

19-03695 Criminal Damage Connie Shaffer, 69, 1212 N. Sixth, reports her 2010 white Lincoln had the driver's side mirror damaged between 2/10 and 2/11/19 while parked outside her residence.

19-03646 Residential Burglary Samantha Leverton, 23, 1333 Elm, reports her residence was burglarized and a TV, wallet and security cameras were taken between 2/4 and 2/6/19.

19-03965 Traffic Arrest Michael Fitzgerald, 40, 828 S. 57th, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 36th and Broadway on 2/14/19. PTC.

Jermaine Talton, 42, 2201 Locust, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 24th and Oak on 2/14/19. PTC.

19-04046 Traffic Stop Charles Coons, 62, 823 Adams, for operating uninsured vehicle at Sixth and Jefferson on 2/15/19. NTA.

19-04087 Warrant Arrest Matthew Schroder, 33, 217 N. 10th, Apt. B, on a city warrant for FTA-peace disturbance and fighting X2.

19-03020 Arrest Makynzie Z. Campbell, 20, Quincy, for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug equipment, no valid driver's license and resisting a peace officer at 12th and Lind on 2/2/19. NTA.

Arrest/Lodged Jason Yeakey, 36, Quincy, for FTA-retail theft. Lodged.

Dylan Baldwin, 24, Quincy, for FTA-operation of uninsured and FTA-retail theft. Lodged.

Andrea Austin, 35, Quincy, for FTA-operation of uninsured and FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

John Roach, 19, LaGrange, Mo., for FTA-unsafe backing and possession of cannabis at Fifth and Harrison on 2/15/19. Lodged.

Traffic Arrest Adrienne N. Lowry, 21, Quincy, for expired registration and operation of uninsured motor vehicle at 12th and Chestnut.

19-04090 Warrant Arrest JT Middleton, 25, Quincy, on a city warrant for FTA-trespassing at 523 Jersey. Lodged.

19-03423 Burglary Ryan Wrenn, 23, states a TV, PlayStation, air compressor and miscellaneous tools stolen from 1633 Chestnut between 2/4 to 2/7/19. No suspects.

19-03427 Burglary Austin Golay, 18, reports a bicycle and fishing poles were stolen from 730 N. Fifth on 2/7/19. No suspects.

19-03411 Counterfeit Kelly Seifert reports a counterfeit $20 bill was placed in the night deposit at 3333 Broadway on 2/7/19.

19-03059 Criminal Damage Brenda Richards, 52, reports a window on her 2012 Toyota was broken between 2/3 to 2/4/19 while parked at 1238 N. Eighth. No suspects.

19-04179 Traffic Arrest Joan Bichsel, 48, for operating uninsured vehicle at 12th and Hutmacher Road on 2/16/19.

19-04181 Traffic Arrest Matthew Dittmer, 25, for speeding at Koch's Lane and Bluff Court on 2/16/19.

19-04191 Traffic Arrest Eric Green, 47, for operating uninsured vehicle at 12th and Locust on 2/16/19.

19-04185 Traffic Arrest Brittany Hufford, 21, for operating uninsured vehicle at Sixth and Maine on 2/16/19.

19-04170 Traffic Arrest Keith Teera, 31, for speeding at 36th and Maine on 2/16/19.

19-03866 Traffic Arrest Cheri Dozier, 62, for stop sign violation at 10th and Jersey on 2/13/19.

Traffic Arrest Xuan L. Mai, 34, Quincy, for operation of motor vehicle with suspended registration on 2/16/19 at Third and Cherry. NTA.

Larry Benton, Jr.,47, Quincy, for driving while license suspended at 10th and Cedar on 2/16/19. NTA.

Traffic Arrest Elizabeth A. Jones, 57, Quincy, for expired driver's license on 2/16/19 at 12th and Maine. NTA.

Mackenzie Smith, 42, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Third and Lind on 2/16/19. NTA.

19-04226 Warrant Arrest Jessica Smith, 34, Quincy, for FTA- driving while license suspended x2. Lodged.

Brian Yeatman, 23, Hannibal, Mo., for FTA-no valid registration. Lodged.

Shaine Thomas, 22, Quincy, for FTA-criminal trespass to state property. Lodged.

Mercedes L. Morton, 22, Quincy, for FTA-retail theft. Lodged.

Jesus M. Bravo, Jr., 30, Quincy, for FTA-operation of uninsured motor vehicle. Lodged.

Kenneth Newland, Jr., 41, Quincy, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine, violation of bail bond, and resisting a peace officer.

19-04271 Arrest Russell Board, 27, for aggravated battery at 711 S. Front on 2/17/19. Lodged.

19-04281 Arrest Patricia Newman, 35, for FTA-uninsured and driving while license suspended at 40th and Broadway on 2/17/19. Lodged.

19-04257 Traffic Arrest Meghan Clinnin, 23, 354 Decatur, Barry, for operating uninsured vehicle at Eighth and York on 2/17/19. NTA.

19-04192 Traffic Arrest Daxton Allen, 18, 1933 Elmwood Drive East, for disobeying stop light at 36th and State on 2/16/19. PTC.

19-04282 Traffic Arrest Brady Tangy, 18, for too fast for conditions at 1900 Bonansinga Drive on 2/17/19.

19-04329 Arrest Ava L. Courtois, 19, Loraine, for suspended registration and uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

19-04343 Arrest Tiffany M. Devlin, 30, 935 N. Fourth for FTA-deceptive practice. Lodged.

19-04255 Arrest Erica T. Johnson, 26, 216 Chestnut, for open liquor in vehicle. NTA.

19-04344 Arrest Sherlain M. Boyd, 21, homeless, for no valid driver's license. NTA.

19-04315 Arrest Anna M Jacobs, 21, 1615 Harrison, for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. NTA.

19-04331 Arrest Brian G. Mosley, 40, 200 Maine, Room 18, for operation of vehicle with suspended registration and uninsured motor vehicle. Cash and driver's license.

19-04338 Arrest Toshaundo T. Armstrong, Jr., 19, 433 N. Seventh, for driving while license suspended and uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

19-04311 Arrest Tina M. Kroeger, 53, 618 N. 13th, for driving while license suspended and uninsured motor vehicle. NTA. Kroeger was also arrested for an Adams County FTA-theft warrant. Lodged.

19-04296 Traffic Arrest Cassie Epperson, 34, 331 E. Main, Plainville, for operating uninsured vehicle at Fourth and Oak. NTA.