Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: June 10, 2019

Posted: Jun. 10, 2019 11:38 am

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:25 p.m. June 7, 4:55 a.m. June 8, 4:49 p.m. June 8, 4:58 a.m. June 9, 5:18 p.m. June 9 and 5:13 a.m. June 10.

19-14965 Arrest Timothy E. Geise, 53, 1113 Lind for Speeding at 12th and Jefferson. PTC.

19-14968 Arrest Lenard M. Miller, 38, 906 Long Drive, for speeding at Cherry Lane and Sunnybrook. PTC.

19-14994 Arrest Brooklyn D. Clowers, 21, 2137 Cherry, for FTA-fighting, FTA-possession of liquor by minor at 300 Gardner Expressway. Lodged.

19-14802 Arrest/Traffic Taylor C. Wiewel, 28, Quincy, citation for improper driving at 12th and Broadway. PTC.

19-14805 Arrests The following were arrested during an alcohol compliance check on 6/5/19. All subjects issued citations for sale of alcohol to minor and released on NTAs on scene:

Andrew Castagno, 35, Quincy, at Straight Jackets, 1000 Hampshire.

Linda Hasting, 61, Quincy, Elders, 1800 State.

Gregory Lionberge, 59, Hannibal, Mo., at Gregory's, 500 York.

Cheryl Noble, 70, Quincy, at Silvermoon, 1020 N. 10th.

Sherry Norman, 65, Quincy, at Scrub a Dub, 1123 N. Fourth.

John Shaw, 81, Quincy, at Stubby's, 1517 N. Third.

19-13509 Theft Jason Epton, 706 Payson, reports the theft of a black 26-inch Stinger mountain bike with a Flying Horse motor attached from the porch of his residence between 5/24 and 5/25/19.

19-13665 Theft Vicki Harness, 930 Locust, reports the theft of a Craftsman lawn mower and two Adirondack chairs from her yard between 5/24 and 5/26/19.

Dorothy Hankins, 515 Locust, reports the theft of a car battery, trailer adapter and two Echo brand weed eaters from the bed of her truck between 5/23 and 5/30/19.

19-14678 Traffic Arrest Asher Hines, 20, 2324 Vermont, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at Sixth and Broadway. PTC.

19-15028 Arrest/Lodged Gordon Rees, 41, homeless, for possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

19-15028 Arrest/Lodged Gordon Rees, 41, homeless for FTA-domestic battery. Lodged.

19-14712 Arrest/Lodged Brittanny Stratman, 24, 415 S. Seventh, for FTA-methamphetamine manufacture materials. Lodged.

19-14673 Arrest/Lodged Chrisadella Weaver, 41, for FTA-operating an uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

19-15014 Arrest/Lodged David Lerum, 38, for a FTA-warrant from Pike County. Lodged.

19-15047 Traffic Arrest Skyler E. Forrest, 28, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at 10th and Broadway on 6/7/19. NTA.

19-15030 Traffic Arrest Garrett M. Mueller, 30, 6110 Chapledale Diver, Orlando, Fla., for improper lane usage. PTC.

Warrant Arrests Justin L. Holtman, 27, Quincy, for FTA-retail theft and FTA-forgery. Lodged.

Ira L. Durham, 63, Quincy, for FTA-driving while license suspended and no insurance. Lodged.

19-15103 Arrest Jason Nebe, 39, for FTA-license classification and obstructing justice at 312 Spring on 6/8/19. Lodged.

19-15100 Traffic Arrest Timothy Helgoth, 53, 1007 Woodbury Court, for expired registration at 10th and Jersey. PTC.

19-14963 Traffic Arrest Shannon McElroy, 43, 2720 E. County Road 1390, Carthage, for improper driving at 30th and Broadway. PTC.

Amanda Solter, 25, 909 Jefferson, for speeding at 17th and Jefferson. PTC.

Kevin Wilson, 58, 805 N. Fifth, Apt. 6, for expired registration at Third and Oak. PTC.

19-15133 Arrest Brandon A. Schorn, 18, Quincy, for theft over $500 at 217 Locust on 6/8/19. Lodged.

19-15135 Arrest Damien M. Baughman, 24, Quincy, for violation of an order of protection at 4309 Kimstead on 6/8/19. Lodged.

19-15207 Traffic Arrest Steven McCabe, 28, Quincy, for improper backing at 17th and Spring on 6/8/19. PTC.

19-15197 Traffic Arrest Brett Gipson, 60, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Sixth and Jersey on 6/8/19. NTA.

Warrant Arrest Brandon A. Schorn, 18, Quincy, for FTA-no valid registration, FTA-no insurance, FTA-failure to reduce speed, FTA-unlicensed, FTA-disregard traffic control device and FTA-truancy. Lodged.

Kim Wilson-Oldfield, 57, Quincy, for FTA- aggravated assault/use of deadly weapon. Lodged.

Breon Hawkins, 23, Quincy, FTA- driving while license suspended. Lodged.

Lindsay Barton, 26, Quincy, for FTA-DUI and improper lane usage. Lodged.

Brett Gipson, 60, Quincy, for FTA-shoplifting. Lodged.

Brooklyn McCleery, 21, Quincy, for FTA-aggravated battery to a child under 13. Lodged.

19-14985 Arrest Schanique Ellis, 27, Quincy, for stealing at 120 N. 12th. NTA.

Deeahana Gholston, 34, 233 Locust, for stealing.

19-14561 Burglary Courage Wissink, 900 State, reports that Tonia's Hair Supply was entered between 6/1 and 6/2/19 and currency and some hair products were stolen.

19-15102 Traffic Thomas Barnhart, 52, 110 E. Des Moines, Wayland, Mo., for failure to secure new registration at Fifth and Jersey. PTC.

19-15243 Traffic Arrest Delbert De Moss, 57, 830 N. Seventh, for speeding at 12th and Seminary Road. PTC.

19-15244 Warrant Arrest Nicole Smith, 32, 707 Kentucky, on a city OV warrant for FTA-fighting. Lodged.