Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: June 24, 2019

Posted: Jun. 24, 2019 4:18 pm

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:05 p.m. June 19, 5:03 a.m. June 20, 4:47 p.m. June 20, 5:22 a.m. June 21, 5:20 p.m. June 21, 5:23 a.m. June 22, 5:08 p.m. June 22, 5:12 a.m. June 23, 4:55 p.m. June 23.

19-16333 Arrest Dustin R. Russell, 27, 1137 N. 11th, for FTA-possession of controlled substance, FTA-driving while license revoked, FTA-driving while registration suspended and FTA-possession of drug paraphernalia at 1301 Broadway. Lodged.

19-15885 Arrest Myles R. Merreighn, 18, 1418 S. 34th, for Fighting at 1418 S. 34th. NTA.

19-15788 Arrest Cheryl Schroeder, Quincy, reports losing cash and checks from her back pocket somewhere on Maine between Fifth and Sixth on 6/14/19.

19-16003 Burglary to Vehicle Gerald Walker, Quincy, reports his vehicle was entered on 6/16/19 vehicle while parked at 200 N. 36th. An iPhone 6 was stolen.

19-16064 Motor Vehicle Theft John Peters, Coatsburg, reports his dark blue 1999 Ford Ranger pickup truck was stolen from the rear of 2823 Broadway on 6/17/19.

19-15260 Theft over $500 James Oenning, 2301 Lind, reports his 2010 black Carry On trailer was stolen from his yard between 6/7 and 6/9/19.

19-16372 Arrest Phillip N. Rousseau, 29, Quincy, arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia at 1511 Oak. NTA.

19-16404 Arrest/Lodged Nathan M. Hoover, 26, Quincy, arrested for FTA-aggravated fleeing at Seventh and Ohio. Lodged.

19-16389 Arrest/Lodged William A. Yurachek, 29, Quincy, arrested for a probation violation warrant out of St. Louis County at 12th and State. Also a new charge of possession of another's credit or debit card. Lodged.

19-30867 Arrest/Lodged Phillip N. Rousseau, 29, Quincy, arrested for criminal damage, FTA-peace disturbance and FTA-possession of controlled substance. Lodged.

19-16342 Arrest/Lodged Carlee R. Happel, 18, Quincy, arrested for aggravated battery at 205 S. 24th. Lodged.

19-15907 Arrest/Traffic Kylie L. Baker, 34, Quincy, arrested for driving while license suspended at Ninth and Locust. NTA.

19-15915 Arrest/Traffic Nicole M. Luthin, 29, Quincy, citation for operate uninsured vehicle at Fourth and Lind. NTA.

19-14845 Fraud Kaya J. Walton, an employee of Taco Bell, 3828 Broadway, reports receiving a counterfeit $100 bill on 6/5/19.

19-15033 Theft Kassandra J. Aguirre, an employee of Walmart, reports $91.63 of merchandise was stolen on 6/7/19. The suspect appeared to be a white male dressed as a female in a red outfit.

19-14832 Theft over $500 Nora P. Bowen, 49, Quincy, reports the inside of her air conditioner unit was stolen from 905 S. Ninth between 5/29 and 6/5/19.

19-16411 Arrest Ray K. Sperry, 46, 637 1/2 Jefferson, for shoplifting at 520 N. Second. NTA.

19-16425 Arrest Courtney J. Duncan, 31, Hull, for operating uninsured vehicle at Eighth and Valley Road. NTA.

19-15999 Arrest Herbert W. Rogers, 52, 1417 Broadway, for retail theft at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

19-14435 Arrest Katlyn G. Tims, 23, 823 N. 12th, for possession of lost credit card at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

19-16318 Lost License Plate Patricia Laughlin, Quincy, reports she lost Illinois license plate JUSPFL1.

19-16469 Arrest Samantha K. Gasparovic, 24, 615 N. 27th, for failure to obey stop sign. PTC.

19-16421 Arrest Madison McCabe, 20, Missouri, for illegal use of cellphone.

19-15391 Arrest Nathan Ericson, 27, 1214 Park Place, for driving with expired license less than one year. PTC.

19-16388 Arrest Timothy Smith, 24, 325 S. Main, Suffolk, Va., for driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

19-16470 Arrest Ciara J. Cole, 18, 1608 1/2 N. Sixth, for no valid driver’s license. NTA.

19-16419 Arrest Brittany L. Wilson, 25, Quincy, for no insurance and illegal use of cellphone.

19-16462 Arrest Lisa Terwelp, 50, 2234 E. 1850th, Mendon, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. PTC.

19-16481 Arrest Katherine Valles-Castro, 37, 2002 West Hilltop, for shoplifting. NTA.

19-16500 Arrest Brady Forrest, 18, 622 Monroe, Quincy, for use of unsafe tire. PTC.

19-16484 Arrest/Lodged Gunta G. Prancane, 48, Quincy, arrested for forgery at 1601 S. 24th. Lodged.

19-16513 Arrest/Lodged Jacob Agnew, 19, Quincy, arrested for FTA-truancy x2 and fighting at 18th and Maple. Lodged.

19-16506 Arrest/Traffic Melinda R. Pritchard, 29, Quincy, citation for operate uninsured vehicle at Sixth and Elm. NTA.

19-16471 Arrest/Traffic Cody L. Crabtree, 19, Quincy, citations for use of electronic communications device and operate uninsured vehicle at Eighth and Maine. NTA.

19-16521 Arrest/Lodged Jessica Knowles, 30, 301 Cedar, for FTA-criminal damage.

19-16492 Arrest/Lodged Kasey Waggoner, 35, homeless, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine, driving while license revoked and possession of cannabis. Lodged.

19-15905 Recovered Bike A silver and green Huffy was recovered at 936 N. Sixth. Recovered.

19-16552 Arrest Jashia S. Bias, 18, 931 1/2 N. Fifth, for FTA-unlicensed, failure to restrain child and disregard traffic control device at 2541 Broadway. Lodged.

19-16544 Arrest Shane D. Starman, 47, 2525 Chestnut, for operating uninsured vehicle at Eighth and York. NTA.

19-16465 Arrest Vanessa Chavez, 33, for shoplifting at 5211 Broadway on 6/20/19.

19-16442 Arrest Haley Young, 19, for shoplifting at 6100 Broadway on 6/20/19.

19-16531 Traffic Arrest Ana Fox, 26, for operating uninsured vehicle at Eighth and Van Buren on 6/21/19.

19-16000 Traffic Arrest Lakeia Smith, 23, for driving while license suspended, improper lane usage and failure to report accident at 10th and Maine on 6/16/19.

19-16444 Traffic Arrest Allen Ambler, 73, for improper driving at Fourth and Broadway on 6/20/19.

19-16528 Traffic Arrest Jason Williams, 43, for electronic communication device at Gardner Expressway Maiden Lane on 6/21/19.

19-15150 Arrest Kristin Washington, 33, 4009 State, for theft. NTA.

19-16293 Arrest Manuel Stringer, 25, 200 Maine, Apt. 411, for no valid driver’s license and obstructing identification. NTA.

19-16591 Arrest Djuan Ferguson, 38, 2505 Broadway, Hannibal, Mo., for child restraint violation. NTA.

19-16591 Arrest Kailey Santos, 24, 819 April Ave., for operating uninsured vehicle and failure to wear seat belt. PTC.

19-14932 Arrest Brittney Chamberlain, 26, 514 Pleasant Ave., Hannibal, Mo., for retail theft. NTA.

19-16296 Arrest Lauren Ames, 33, 511 Locust, for driving while license suspended. NTA.

19-15218 Arrest Lindsey R. Barton, 26, 627 S. 15th, for resisting a peace officer. NTA.

19-16565 Arrest Anton Cassens, 18, 2217 N. 2000th, Camp Point, for failure to yield private drive. PTC.

19-16617 Arrest/Lodged Amber L. Propst, 24, homeless, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

19-16612 Arrest/Lodged Leeann Riggs, 40, 227 Elm, for communicating with a witness. Lodged.

19-16551 Arrest/Lodged Lakeia Smith, 23, 617 1/2 Locust, for domestic battery. Lodged.

19-16549 Arrest/Lodged Quintez Cissna, 18, 421 Locust, for domestic battery and unlawful restraint. Lodged.

19-16561 Arrest/Lodged Kathy Powell, 64, 1300 Jefferson, for retail theft. Lodged.

19-16563 Arrest/Lodged Chintel Murphy, 36, 1300 Jefferson, for FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

19-15607 Criminal Damage to Vehicle Angel Boden, 41, 1120 Lind, reported the rear window on her 2000 Ford was broken.

19-15156 Theft under $500 Gregory Schieferdecker, 53, 627 Lind, reported his black Xbox gaming chair was stolen from his backyard.

19-16242 Arrest Shalisha Clayton, 30, 3300 Locust, for retail theft at 6100 Broadway. NTA.

19-16128 Residential Burglary Brandon Gore, 300 Cedar, Apt. 4, reports his apartment was entered and numerous pieces of clothing and electronic items were stolen between 1230 and 1530 on 6/17/19.

19-16541 Traffic Arrest Richard Schmidt, 36, 1325 Lind, for disobeying stop light at Fourth and Hampshire. NTA.

Barbara Martin, 42, 2015 Grove Ave., for improper driving at 20th and Broadway. PTC.

19-16643 Warrant Arrest Brandon Gore, 30, 300 Cedar, Apt. 4, on city warrants for FTA-interfering, possession of cannabis, and trespassing at 1005 Broadway. Lodged.

19-14479 Criminal Damage Brandy L. Embry, 29, Quincy, reports damage to the hood of her 2016 Buick while it was parked at 509 S. Ninth on 6/2/19.

19-15406 Theft over $500 Michael L. Pontius, 63, Quincy, reports the theft of numerous items from his residence on 6/10/19. Investigation to continue.

19-16682 Traffic Arrest Daniel K. Miller, 41, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at 12th and Broadway on 6/22/19. NTA.

19-16668 Warrant Arrest Whitney M. Mock, 34, Quincy, for FTA-fighting. Lodged.

Melinda C. Raymond, 20, Quincy, for FTA-fighting. Lodged.

Brittany L. Smith, 24, Quincy, for FTA-interfering. Lodged.

19-16110 Theft Bryan Carpenter, 929 N. Fourth, reports the theft of his Samsung ZTE cellphone from the front porch of his residence around 200 on 6/10/19.

19-16748 Traffic Arrest James Keith, 31, 1400 N. Sixth, for speeding and operating uninsured vehicle and Gardner Expressway and Jackson. NTA.

Torie Baze, 42, 410 W. Loy, Hull, for speeding at Gardner Expressway and Jackson. PTC.

19-14045 Traffic Arrest Gary Partridge, 70, 1879 Warhawk Road, Peru, Ind., for improper lane usage at 36th and Broadway. NTA.

19-16729 Traffic Arrest David Coon, 55, 2512 Cresent Lane, for disobeying a stop light at 12th and Locust. PTC.

19-16654 Traffic Arrest Taylor Hankins, 23, 1223 Horne, for speeding at Gardner Expressway and Jackson. PTC.

Jacob Carder, 18, 2738 N. 16th, for speeding at Gardner Expressway and Jackson. PTC.

Garrett Scott, 20, 1712 Center Granview, for driving while license suspended at 16th and Harrison. NTA.

19-14575 Arrest Robyn D. Ensley, 36, Quincy, for TOF-domestic battery at 424 S. Eighth on 6/3/19. Lodged. Ensley also was issued a citation for seat belt when required on 6/23/19 at Ninth and Kentucky.

19-16686 Arrest Frank Keeler, 34, Quincy, for interfering at 12th to 13th, College to Elm on 6/22/19. NTA.

19-14410 Arrest Jacob S. Hughes, 24, Quincy, for DUI. NTA.

19-16770 Arrest Melvin L. Powell, 62, Quincy, for domestic battery at 1726 McKinney. Lodged.

19-16758 Arrest Lindsey L. Horton, 33, Quincy, for battery at 200 Maine, Room 415. Lodged.

Traffic Arrest Kimberly K. Vahle, 31, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Fourth and Oak on 6/23/19. NTA.

Cameron B. Schumm, 18, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle and improper lane usage on 6/24/19 at Fifth and Sycamore. NTA.

Jeremy N. Bramblett, 44, Quincy, for driving while license revoked and operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Seventh and Madison on 6/24/19. NTA.