Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: July 5, 2019

Posted: Jul. 5, 2019 9:02 pm

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:30 p.m. July 3, 5:03 a.m. July 4, 5:23 p.m. July 4 and 5:05 a.m. July 5.

19-17789 Arrest Minnie D. Davis, 38, Golden, for failure to yield private drive at 24th and Locust. PTC.

19-17793 Arrest Robert D. Phillips, 36, St. Louis, for Pike County warrant FTA-driving while license revoked at Fifth and Lind. Lodged.

19-16832 Arrest Michelle S. Strom, 40, Centralia, Mo., for DUI at 17th and Broadway. NTA.

19-17395 Arrest Jaimie L. Pyatt, 27, 4628 Willow Creek, for retail theft at 6100 Broadway. USC.

19-16924 Arrest Danielle N. Davis, 38, Sedalia, Mo. for malicious mischief at 1225 N. 12th. NTA.

19-17486 Arrest Matthew G. Unglesbee, 30, 735 S. 13th, for littering at 33rd and Maine. NTA.

19-17483 Arrest Kall L.R. Ward, 25, 601 Oak, for electronic communication device at Eighth and Chestnut. PTC.

19-17569 Arrest Victor L. Hilber, 69, Shelbyville, Mo., for improper driving at 24th and Broadway. PTC.

19-17400 Arrest/Lodged Gunta G. Prancane, 48, was arrested on a new offense of forgery. Lodged.

19-16813 Criminal Damage Carmen Klauser reported five flower pots in front of 901 Maine were damaged on 6/24/19.

19-16829 Criminal Damage Penny Blair-Mummey reported the windshield on her 2013 Toyota was broken on 6/24/19.

19-16840 Criminal Damage Kenneth Hultz reported that the locks to storage units were cut on 6/23/19 at 325 Vermont.

19-17259 Criminal Damage Sirilak Thanarak reported the south window of Thai D'lish was broken on 6/27/19.

19-17286 Hit-and-Run Sherry Dade reported 2002 GM was struck by another vehicle while parked at 5211 Broadway. No information was left.

19-17889 Arrest Amanda Goodwin, 37, 2225 N. 12th, Apt. 711, for operating an uninsured vehicle.

19-17848 Arrest Bobby S. Cherry, 25, Quincy, arrested for stealing at 6100 Broadway. Cash bond.

19-16865 Arrest Kristopher D. Eberle, 26, Quincy, arrested for criminal damage at 522 S. Seventh on 6/24/19. NTA.

Shannon R. McVey, 25, Quincy, arrested for fighting and peace disturbance at 522 S. Seventh on 6/24/19. NTA.

19-17897 Arrest/Lodged Kycen A.C. Gillette, 22, Quincy, arrested for FTA-driving uninsured vehicle at 14th and Locust. Lodged.

19-17817 Arrest/Lodged Deanna J. Davis, 27, Quincy, arrested for an original theft warrant at 200 Maine, Room 438. Lodged.

19-17826 Arrest/Lodged Arnold T. Serrato. Jr., 31, Quincy, arrested for FTA-interfering at 521 Vermont. Lodged.

19-17810 Arrest/Traffic Philip M. Bates, 24, of Hannibal, Mo., citation for failure to yield left turn at 3600 Broadway. NTA.

19-17839 Arrest/Traffic Matthew E. Lord, 47, of Troy, Mo., citation for squealing/screeching tires at Third and Maine. PTC.

19-17860 Arrest/Lodged Peggy Turan, 41, 619 Front, Barry, for FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

19-17820 Arrest/Lodged April Brown, 31, 3409 Chestnut, for domestic battery.

19-17530 Criminal Damage Michael P. Doyle, 37, of Fowler, reports his 2012 Dodge Journey was damaged while parked on Hampshire between Fourth and Fifth Streets between 1930 and 2150 hours on 6/30.

19-17818 Arrest/Traffic Eric A. Sass, 52, was arrested for operating uninsured vehicle, driving while license suspended and operating vehicle with suspended registration. NTA.

19-17818 Arrest/Warrant Eric A. Sass, 52, was arrested on a warrant for FTA-operating uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

19-16936 Criminal Damage On 6/25/19, Shon Phillips reported that sometime between 6/19 and 6/25/19 an unknown suspect damaged a memorial sign at the Quincy National Cemetery, 3701 Maine. No suspects.

19-17262 Theft under $500 On 6/28/19, Ericka Miller reported her white iPhone 6S stolen. No suspects.

19-14394 Arrest Brandon A. Schorn, 18, Quincy, arrested for fleeing or attempting to elude police, driving while license suspended, speeding, operate uninsured vehicle, expired registration and disobey traffic control device on 6/2/19. NTA.

19-16490 Arrest Shawn E. Hills, 43, Quincy, arrested for battery and possession of methamphetamine at Seventh and Kentucky. NTA.

19-18057 Arrest/Lodged Jesse R. Prince, 35, Quincy, arrested for possession of methamphetamine and resisting a peace officer at Fifth and College. Lodged.

19-17955 Arrest/Lodged Peter J. Williams, 50, of Texas, arrested for a burglary warrant out of Harris County, Texas, and an FTA-DUI warrant out of Texas at 200 S. Third. Lodged.

19-18006 Arrest/Traffic Kortarius D. Finley, 30, Quincy, citation for operate uninsured vehicle at 10th and Maine. NTA.

19-16669 Recovered Property A black Craftsman drill and brown container were found near 1660 Vermont on 6/22/19.