Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: July 26, 2019

Posted: Jul. 26, 2019 10:02 am

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:10 p.m. July 25 and 5:17 a.m. July 26.

19-20246 Arrest Timothy P. Harris, 42, 500 York. for Adams County warrant burglary and criminal trespass to vehicle at Third and Maine. Lodged.

19-20244 Arrest Jeff M. Scutte, 52, 4028 Klingele, for speeding at 12th and Hutmacher Road. PTC.

19-20245 Arrest Audrey D. Campbell, 54, Ursa, for operating uninsured vehicle and expired registration at 48th and Elm. NTA.

19-19845 Arrest Aaron Clark, 38, 1300 N. Sixth, for battery at 1233 N. Sixth on 7/21/19. Cash bond.

19-18597 Arrest Hayley Coffey, 24, and Roxanne Coffey, 58, 218 E. Mill, Apt. 8, Mendon, both for shoplifting at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

19-20249 Arrest/Lodged DuSean Smith, 48, 616 Chestnut, for financial exploitation of an elderly person. Lodged.

19-19721 Criminal Damage Ruth Hamilton reported a window broken at her residence when someone hit it with a firework on 7/20/19.

19-19723 Criminal Damage Brenda Osborne reported that her DirecTV dish was damaged on 7/19/19.

19-20165 Traffic Arrest Stephanie Bell-Hall, 50, 1619 W. Granview Drive, for use of electronic communication device at 12th and Jefferson. PTC.

19-20188 Arrest Meghan A. Winner, 20, 611 Country Club Heights, Apt. 255, for fighting. NTA.

19-20188 Arrest Trisha L. Vonburg, 35, 647 Ohio, for fighting. NTA.

19-19417 Arrest Travis R. Kaltenbach, 35, 1927 E. Parkview Drive, for retail theft. NTA.

19-20322 Arrest/Lodged Levi C. Cain, 26, homeless, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine, resisting and original warrants for aggravated battery and aggravated domestic battery. Lodged.

19-20301 Arrest/Lodged Tashia Decker, 41, 1237 N. 11th, for retail theft and possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

19-20285 Arrest/Lodged Gage L. Patterson, 20, 715 S. Fifth, for FTA-domestic battery, aggravated domestic battery, stealing, aggravated fleeing to elude. Lodged.

19-20266 Arrest/Lodged Gage L. Patterson, 20, 421 Spruce, for aggravated domestic battery, home invasion, armed violence and interfering with the reporting of domestic violence. Lodged.

19-20298 Arrest/Warrant Michael A. Vaughn, 25, 927 S. 10th, for FTA-possession of drug paraphernalia. Lodged.

19-19785 Theft under $500 Michelle Nichols, Jiffi Stop, 1401 N. 24th, reported a red Ford van drove off without paying for $20.01 in gasoline on 7/20/19.