Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Aug. 19, 2019

Posted: Aug. 19, 2019 4:47 pm Updated: Aug. 19, 2019 4:48 pm

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:54 p.m. Aug.16, 5:10 a.m. Aug. 17, 5:33 p.m. Aug. 17, 4:46 p.m. Aug. 18 and 5:12 a.m. Aug. 18.

19-22712 Arrest Melissa Harris, 42, for warrants of retail theft and theft at 133 S. Fourth on 8/16/19. Lodged.

19-22692 Arrest Tracy A. Herman, 56, West Point, for driving while license revoked, operating uninsured vehicle and electronic communication device at Sixth and Cherry. NTA.

19-22595 Arrest Casey Clevenger, 26, for trespassing at 2035 College Ave. on 8/15/19.

19-22654 Arrest/Traffic Layne M. Giffin, 18, Quincy, citation for squealing/screeching tires at Eighth and Jefferson. PTC.

19-21779 Criminal Damage Robert Groce, 69, reports the back window of his 2017 Toyota was shattered between 8/7 to 8/8/19 while parked at 1332 N. Third.

19-21677 Hit-and-Run Morgan White, 34, reports her 2019 Chevrolet was involved in a hit-and-run while parked at 1025 Maine on 8/7/19.

19-22373 Recovered Bicycle A grey HyperStatic was recovered at 14th and Maine.

19-21836 Theft Michael Davis, 51, reports the theft of his bicycle from 2314 N. 12th on 8/8/19.

19-22363 Theft over $500 Jesse Schnitzler, 31, reports rigging rope and fiber cards stolen from the cell tower at 1901 N. 18th on 8/13/19.

19-22589 Traffic Arrest Everett Fowler, 32, for failure to reduce speed/accident at 10th and Broadway on 8/15/19.

19-22730 Arrest Dell Yohn Lu,39, for FTA-driving while license suspended at 10th and Cherry on 8/16/19. Lodged.

19-22791 Arrest/Lodged Willie M. Anderson, 50, 617 S. 23rd, for violation of an OP on 8/17/19 at Third and Oak.

19-22770 Arrest/Lodged Antwyon L. Bias, 39, 1518 Penthouse Drive for domestic battery on 8/16/19.

19-22710 Arrest/Lodged Kyle G. Hawk, 23, 416 Chestnut for burglary on 8/16/19 at 2330 Maine.

Arrest/Lodged Claude J. Dean, 30, 1811 Shell Court, for FTA-domestic battery.

Helen I. Horton, 33, 805 N. Fifth, Apt. 5, for FTA-theft and FTA-possession of controlled substance.

Logan M. Dabney, 27, 609 Meadow Circle, for FTA-animal at large and rabies violation.

Alexis Gallamore, 26, 1901 Sheridan Drive, for FTA-driving while license suspended.

Timothy Gorder, 38, 200 N. Eighth, Apt. 2 for FTA-driving while license revoked.

Cody A. Summers, 20, 1332 S. 15th, for FTA-improper lane usage.

19-22768 Arrest/Traffic Brandon R. Gholston, 36, 2007 Blicks Village Court, for no valid driver's license, expired registration and speeding. NTA.

19-22434 Arrest/Traffic Kiala M. Meyers, 30, 5711 Lee Drive, for uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

19-18620 Residential Burglary Angela S. Wright reported forced entry to 1130 State on 7/9/19. Investigation to continue.

19-22277 Residential Burglary James Loscher reported his residence was entered between 0800 and 1300 hours on 8/10/19 and numerous items were stolen.

19-22106 Theft over $500 Wesley Chatfield reported his motorized bicycle was stolen from 11th and Payson Avenue on 8/10/19.

19-22718 Traffic Arrest Joanne Dedert, 68, for failure to yield/right of way at Harrison Marjan Court on 8/16/19.

19-21781 burglary Shannon Frese, 735 S. 16th, reports her silver 2012 Chevrolet was entered between 8/7 at 2130 and 8/8/19 at 0800 hours.

19-22216 Criminal Damage John Cosgrove, 513 Harrison, reports the front door to his residence was damaged between 8/11 at 2200 and 8/12/10 at 0700 hours.

19-21054 Recovered Property A black duffel bag containing women's clothing was recovered from the northeast corner of 23rd and State on 8/2/19. Logged into recovered property.

19-22825 Traffic Arrest Connor Saul, 19, 1601 S. 24th, Apt. 521, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at Harrison and Curtis Creek Road on 8/17/19. NTA.

19-22887 Traffic Arrest Dana Caley, 38, 508 Madison, for operating uninsured vehicle at Sixth and State. NTA.

19-22392 Traffic Arrest Jackie Burton, 54, 3315 Fox Run, for improper traffic lane usage at 3410 Harmony Hill. PTC.

19-22893 Warrant Arrest Anthony Buckner, 41, 400 Sycamore, on a warrant for unlawful possession of firearm ammunition by a felon. Lodged.

19-22957 Arrest Claude J. Dean, 45, Quincy, arrested for trespassing at 634 1/2 N. Sixth. Cash bond.

19-22872 Arrest Dion T. Washington, 40, Quincy, arrested for fighting at 601 N. Fifth. NTA.

19-22425 Arrest/Lodged Kyle G. Hawk, 23, Quincy, arrested for Theft over $500 at 1020 N. Eighth. Lodged.

19-22943 Arrest/Lodged Anthony Lambkin, 37, Quincy, arrested for FTA-domestic battery at Seventh and Payson Avenue. Lodged.

19-22918 Arrest/Lodged Martin M. Milian, 27, Quincy, arrested for FTA-public drinking and littering at Sixth and York. Lodged.

19-22931 Arrest/Traffic Bryce W. Collison, 19, Quincy, arrested for driving while license suspended at 18th and Chestnut. NTA.

19-22938 Arrest/Traffic Austin M. Lawrence, 19, Quincy, citation for speeding at 27th and Harrison. PTC.

19-22942 Arrest/Traffic Bryon D. Holdiman, 50, Quincy, citation for speeding at 27th and Harrison. PTC.

19-22908 Arrest/Traffic C.J. B. Crow, 25, Quincy, citation for improper lane usage in the 1000 block of South Third. PTC.

19-22868 Arrest/Traffic Andrane L. Brady, 20, Quincy, arrested for driving while license suspended and operating uninsured vehicle at Gardner Expressway and Jefferson. NTA.

19-22292 Recovered Property Mary A. Ridder, 75, Quincy, found a red and silver Next bicycle and a green and black gym bag at 916 Locust on 8/12/19.

19-22901 Warrant Arrest Madison Logsdon, 22, 2016 Chestnut, on a warrant for FTA-operating uninsured vehicle x2. Lodged.