Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Sept. 17, 2019

Posted: Sep. 17, 2019 4:18 pm

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5 p.m. Sept. 11, 5:17 a.m. Sept. 12, 5:04 p.m. Sept. 12, 5:05 a.m. Sept. 13, 5:32 a.m. Sept. 14, 5:23 p.m. Sept. 14, 5:42 a.m. Sept. 15, 5:50 p.m. Sept. 15, 5:02 p.m. Sept. 16, 4:55 a.m. Sept. 17.

19-24676 Theft under $500 The street sign for Boulder Court was stolen on 9/2/19 at 0317 hours.

19-25714 Arrest Matthew D. Dade, Jr., 18, 901 N. 10th, Apt. C, for speeding. PTC.

19-23172 Arrest Makynzie Z. Campbell, 20, 810 N. 12th, for aggravated fleeting to elude, driving while license revoked, operating an uninsured vehicle, disobeying a traffic sign, improper lane usage and failure to signal from an incident on 8/20/19. NTA.

19-25641 Arrest Gage M. Norris, 19, 817 N. Eighth, and Emmanuel B. Yisrael, 19, 1619 W. Granview Drive, possession of alcohol by minor at 1019 Cedar. NTA.

19-25713 Arrest/Lodged Pete E. Gramc, 47, 838 S. Seventh, for domestic battery and possession of firearm by a felon. Lodged.

19-25717 Arrest/Lodged Datarius M. Burris, 22, 815 Country Club Heights, for FTA-operating an uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

19-25702 Arrest/Lodged Kristin M. Washington, 33, 4009 State, for FTA-theft and FTA-forged credit/debit card. Also a new charge of theft over $500. Lodged.

19-24221 Burglary to Vehicle Dakota Clary, 26, Quincy, reported two Remington 700 bolt-action rifles were stolen from his truck.

19-24223 Hit-and-Run Kenn Fletcher, 61, Quincy, reported his vehicle was struck while parked in front of his residence on 8/28/19.

19-25725 Arrest Darmony K. Sims, 19, Joliet, for failure to obey stop sign at Fifth and Jackson. PTC.

19-25730 Arrest Brock M. Dace, 33, homeless, for aggravated battery at 300 Gardner Expressway. Lodged.

19-25358 Arrest Bruce Blevins, 1220 N. Fifth, for criminal trespass to real property and attempted theft at 801 Washington.

19-24138 Burglary Rory Holder, 3322 Chestnut, reports his garage was entered on 8/28/19. A Ryobi chainsaw, leaf blower, jigsaw and eyeglasses were taken.

19-24682 Burglary Bobbie Taute, 2214 Hampshire, reports her vehicle was entered on 9/2/19 while parked at the residence. A bag containing a dollar and hair ties was stolen.

19-24668 Burglary to Vehicle Darrien Henderson, 520 S. 12th, reports his vehicle was entered on 9/1/19. A tackle box and black bag, headphones, sunglasses and a gift card were taken.

19-24041 Criminal Damage Kyle Morrell reported his 2014 Dodge was damaged somewhere in Quincy. The damaged consisted of scratches to the doors.

19-24765 Criminal Damage Marshall Grimsley, 2128 Cherry Lane, reports a window on his residence was shot with a BB on 8/30/19.

19-24814 Recovered Property Kenneth Walker, 1131 N. Eighth, reports a purse and socks were found in the front yard of his residence on 9/3/19.

19-24776 Recovered Property A Quincy Park District employee reported finding a black revolver handgun in the bushes at Berrian Park on 9/3/19.

19-25372 Residential Burglary Christopher Middendorf, 608 S. Sixth, reports his residence was entered on 9/7/19. A laptop computer and bicycle were taken.

19-24932 Theft over $500 Cheryl Shue, 2000 N. 18th, reported a 14-foot Heartland trailer stolen from their lot.

19-24838 Theft under $500 Sara Koch, 422 S. 18th, reports her son's Pacific Dirt Grinder BMX bike was stolen from their front porch on 9/3/19.

19-24835 Theft under $500 William Hanley, Quincy, reports a wheel barrow, a bicycle and parts and a wooden telephone pole with wires was stolen from his business at 420 S. 10th between 8/30 and 9/2/19.

19-25806 Arrest Sierra F. Noel, 20, Hannibal, Mo., consumption of alcohol by a minor at 1708 Broadway. NTA.

19-25775 Arrest/Lodged Torry L. Scott, 61, 133 S. Fourth, FTA-peace disturbance at South Fifth and Jersey. Lodged.

19-25733 Arrest/Lodged Jamie L. Cunningham, 41, 513 Hampshire, Apt. 424, FTA-domestic battery and FTA-driving while license revoked at 513 Hampshire. Lodged.

19-25720 Arrest/Lodged Stephen M. Crowder, 37, homeless, FTA-OV theft and vandalism, FTA-theft at 1005 Broadway. Lodged.

19-25749 Arrest/Lodged Ryan D. Perrin, 34, 1856 Locust, domestic battery at 1856 Locust. Lodged.

19-25755 Arrest/Lodged Cory E. Sutton, 31, 1617 N. Fifth, retail theft at 5211 Broadway, also, FTA-burglary, Pike County. Lodged.

19-25795 Arrest/Lodged Sol G. Briano, 18, 1217 Maine, FTA-unlicensed at 1231 Bonansinga Drive. Lodged.

19-25812 Arrest/Traffic Aaron J. Sprinkle, 24, Fowler, operating uninsured, expired registration and TOF for operating uninsured at North 25th and Broadway. NTA.

19-25811 Arrest/Traffic Victoria L. Grady, 31, Columbia, Mo., operating uninsured at North 32nd and Broadway. NTA.

19-25771 Arrest/Traffic Regan O. Melching, 21, Camp Point, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at North 22nd and Broadway. PTC.

19-25808 Arrest/Traffic Kare L. Cissna, 36, 200 Maine, child restraint violation at South Ninth and Jackson. PTC.

19-25783 Arrest/Traffic Shandall L. Hickman, 36, 3415 Brennan Drive, expired registration at North Ninth and College. PTC.

19-25772 Arrest/Traffic David E. McNary, 58, 1301 Merle, failure to yield at North 12th and Merle. PTC.

19-25781 Arrest/Traffic Charles E. Shelley, 41, 1230 N. Sixth, no seat belt at North Sixth and Chestnut. PTC.

19-25232 Arrest/Traffic Jordan T. Sutton, 18, 614 Jackson, driving while license suspended and resisting a peace officer at South Seventh and Jackson. NTA.

19-25304 Arrest/Traffic Wesley C. Berlin, 48, 4131 S. 12th, driving while license revoked at South 10th and Kentucky. NTA.

19-25674 Arrest/Traffic Twyla T. Jones, 21, St. Louis, Mo., operating uninsured and improper left turn at North 33rd and Broadway. NTA.

19-24721 Theft under $500 Austin W. Dove, 18, 625 Payson Ave., reports his matte grey Fitbikeco bicycle was taken from 1417 Chestnut St.

19-25920 Arrest Talyn B. Fesler, 35, Quincy, for trespassing at 1115 N. Fifth on 9/13/19. NTA.

19-25190 Arrest Frank T. Woodall, 37, Quincy, for aggravated battery, resisting an officer, possession of methamphetamine and possession of hypodermic needle. Lodged.

19-25920 Arrest Talyn B. Fesler, 35, 1115 N. Fourth, for trespassing. NTA.

19-25608 Arrest Shane Hudson, 47, 5008 Halfpap Lane, for driving while license revoked and operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

Kendra Morris, 40, 1425 S. Seventh, for possession of methamphetamine. NTA.

19-25634 Arrest Britney D. Hoffman, 27, homeless, for possession of methamphetamine. NTA.

19-25514 Arrest/Lodged Joshua Ahern, 32, 1618 N. Fourth, Quincy, for aggravated fleeing to elude, driving while license revoked, operating an uninsured vehicle, failure to signal, disobey traffic control device x3 and resisting arrest. Lodged.

19-25895 Arrest/Lodged Audrieanna Cramer, 30, 103 S. Oak, Ewing, Mo., for FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

19-25873 Arrest/Lodged John M. Garrett, 59, 925 N. Third, for FTA possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

19-25877 Arrest/Lodged Devin Bassett, 29, homeless, for a motion to revoke bond. Lodged.

19-25877 Arrest/Lodged Amanda K. Brown, 38, homeless, for possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

19-25938 Arrest/Lodged Ryan L. Stanton, 22, Quincy, for home invasion and possession of firearm by a felon at 1310 N. Fourth on 9/14/19. Lodged.

19-25907 Arrest/Lodged Damien Baughman, 24, 1109 Ohio, for FTA-open container. Lodged.

19-25929 Arrest/Lodged Christian M. Wooley, 25, Quincy, for violation of order of protection on 9/13/19 at 117 Hampshire. Lodged.

19-25907 Arrest/Lodged Damien M. Baughman, 24, Quincy, for retail theft at 837 Jefferson, Sav-A-Lot on 9/13/19. Lodged.

19-24460 Criminal Damage Darrell D. Cross, 29, 416 N. 440th Ave., Liberty, reported that the muffler on his silver Pontiac Grand Prix was damaged while parked at Indian Hills.

19-24448 DUI Trevon L. Runnels, 30, Quincy, for DUI on 8/31/19 at Third and Cedar. Cash bond.

19-24547 Theft under $500 Lindsey L. Royer, 21, Quincy, reports the theft of an Apple Watch Series 3 from 534 Hampshire. Investigation to continue.

19-24390 Traffic Arrest Patrick D. Cantrell, 39, Quincy, for driving while license suspended and operation of uninsured motor vehicle on 8/30/19 at Fifth and College. NTA.

19-24405 Vandalism On 8/30/19 McDonald’s, 1301 Broadway, reported the damage to the front windows of the business.

19-25941 Arrest Aaron-Lennart N. Schoeneck, 20, Quincy, for criminal trespass to residence while occupied. Lodged.

19-19216 Arrest/Lodged Kristen Washington, 33, 4009 State, for theft over $500 from an incident on 7/15/19. Lodged.

19-24496 Burglary Anna Timmsen, 2063 Maple, reports the theft of a blue bicycle trailer from the carport of her residence on 8/31/19.

19-24925 Burglary Joseph Sapp, 1322 N. Ninth, reports the residence was entered and tools and other items were stolen between 8/1 and 9/4/19.

19-24997 Theft Kara Spalding, 1013 Diana Drive, reports the theft of two air conditioners and a power sander between 9/4 and 9/5/19 from that location.

19-23439 Traffic Arrest Timothy Cramsey, 33, 32751 Oyster, LaGrange, Mo., for DUI at 10th and Broadway on 8/22/19. Cash bond.

19-25879 Traffic Arrest Noah Spencer, 18, 2122 Stillwater Drive, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 24th and State. PTC.

Cady Bogue, 23, 2523 Broadway, Hannibal, Mo., for speeding at Gardner Expressway and Jackson. PTC.

Diane DeJaynes, 52, 714 Kenwood Drive, for improper lane usage in the 700 block of Forrest Ave. PTC.

19-25882 Traffic Arrest Gary Goings, 59, 814 Monroe, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at Eighth and York. PTC.

19-25843 Traffic Arrest Gary Frieden, 79, 3502 Melodie Lane, for improper lane usage and operating uninsured vehicle at Eighth and Broadway. NTA.

19-25953 Warrant Arrest Mary Carden, 35, 913 April Drive, on a warrant for FTA-squealing tires at 2525 W. Valley View. Cash bond.

19-25939 Warrant Arrest Schuyler Jones, 21, 6633 Oak Ridge Lane, on a warrant for FTA-driving while license suspended and disobeying stop sign at 17th and Spring. Lodged.

19-26015 Arrest/Lodged Michael E. Holliday, Jr., 58, 535 N. Seventh, Apt. 2, for aggravated domestic battery on 9/14/19.

19-26059 Arrest/Lodged Jack E. Pflibsen, 41, 1128 N. 14th, for domestic battery that occurred at 905 Jersey on 9/15/19.

19-26054 Arrest/Lodged Jessica R. Sherwood, 35, 1802 Melodie Court, for FTA-seat belt required.

Arrest/Traffic Eric T. Nicks, 20, Indian Harbour Beach, Fa., for uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

Heather E. Collins, 19, LaGrange, Mo., for uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

Arrest/Warrants Jessica R. Sherwood, 35, 1802 Melodie Court, for FTA-seat belt required. Lodged.

Darius Lilly, 24, 301 Cherry, for petition to revoke probation, FTA-aggravated fleeing and FTA-trespassing. Lodged.

James M. Vonvain, Jr., 48, 824 Cherry, for driving while license revoked. Lodged.

Troy L. Hedges, 24, 829 1/2 N. Fourth, for FTA-seat belt required. Lodged.

19-26080 Arrest/Lodged Anngelina Chasteen, 33, 918 N. Fifth, for domestic battery at that address. Lodged.

19-26071 Arrest/Lodged Tyler Blount, 26, 602 Virginia, Hannibal, Mo., for unlawful use of a weapon, obstructing identification and on St. Charles, Mo., warrants for FTA-stealing $750 or more and FTA-tampering with motor vehicle in the first degree. Lodged.

19-25978 Traffic Arrest Blake Johnson, 23, 5120 NE 59th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo., for speeding at Gardner Expressway and York. PTC.

Lucas Reis, 18, 1812 College Ave., for use of electronic communication device at Gardner Expressway and Maiden Lane. PTC.

19-26101 Warrant Arrest Hannah King, 20, Manteno, on a warrant for FTA-theft over $500. King turned herself in at QPD HQ. Lodged.

19-26150 Arrest/Traffic Douglas K. Howes, 47, was arrested for no valid registration and operating uninsured vehicle. NTA.

19-26150 Arrest/Warrant Douglas K. Howes, 47, Kirksville, Mo., for FTA-driving while license suspended and FTA-possession of controlled substance. Lodged.

19-24839 Burglary to Vehicle Jennifer Gosnell reports her vehicle was entered while parked at 317 Delaware on 9/2/19. Cash and debit cards were stolen.

19-20030 Hit-and-Run On 7/23/19, Lesia Dochterman reported that her 2009 Ford was hit and run at one of several locations somewhere in the city of Quincy. No suspect has been identified.

19-24695 Lost/Stolen Linda O’Brien of Missouri reports two rings containing diamonds were lost or property stolen while at the Kroc Center on 9/1/19.

19-26244 Arrest/Lodged Ricky A. Watson, 5122 E. Paradise Lane, FTA-driving while license suspended, operating uninsured and obstructing justice at North Eighth and Broadway. Lodged.

19-26228 Arrest/Lodged Christopher L. Smith, 26, Mendon, FTA-stolen vehicle at North Fifth and Chestnut. Lodged.

19-26202 Arrest/Traffic Rebecca R. Ward, 31, Mendon, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at South 24th and State. PTC.

19-26223 Arrest/Lodged Teresa Chaplin, 59, 1512 Shari Court, for FTA-uninsured vehicle. Lodged.