DAILY BLOTTER: Jan. 20, 2020

Posted: Jan. 20, 2020 12:01 am Updated: Jan. 28, 2020 10:21 am

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:23 a.m. Jan. 13, 5:19 p.m. Jan. 13, 5:07 a.m. Jan. 14, 5:24 p.m. Jan. 14, 5:04 a.m. Jan. 15, 5:14 p.m. Jan. 15, 5:27 a.m. Jan. 16, 5:05 p.m. Jan. 16, 4:58 a.m. Jan. 17, 5:19 p.m. Jan. 17, 5:10 a.m. Jan. 18, 6:04 p.m. Jan. 18, 5:06 a.m. Jan. 19, 5:08 p.m. Jan. 19 and 5:09 a.m. Jan. 20.

Quincy Police

19-35336 Arrest Destiny E Shoop, 24, 400 Cedar, shoplifting at 5211 Broadway on 12/21/19. NTA.

19-35321 Arrest William S. Meckes, 32, 603 S. 20th, trespassing at 509 S. 23rd. NTA.

20-01064 Arrest James E. Gay, 74, 1407 N. Eighth, for open liquor in vehicle at Eighth and Hampshire. PTC.

19-35322 Burglary to Motor Vehicle Theodore P. Haugh, 51, 2629 Vermont, reports between 12/20 and 12/21/19 reports his 2004 Ford was entered and his wallet was taken while parked at his residence.

19-36025 Theft Lacey M. Chontal, 37, 1020 N. Eighth, reported on 12/30/19, a Christmas light projector was taken from her property.

19-36017 Theft Mark A. Foutes, 69, 720 Madison, reported six collectable coins had been taken from his residence. No suspects.

19-35434 Theft Karley J. Peters, 24, Mendon, reports on 12/22/19 her rear license plate was missing from her 2015 Chevrolet.

20-01084 Traffic Arrest Marcus K. Tapscott, 29, 401 Elm, for driving while license suspended and operating uninsured motor vehicle at Fourth and Maine. PTC.

20-01038 Traffic Arrest Mikala L. Reeves, 21, 708 S. 14th, for no valid driver's license at Fourth and Broadway. PTC.

20-01079 Traffic Arrest Rannie S. Myers, 41, 1218 N. Eighth, for driving while license suspended and operating uninsured motor vehicle at 18th and Broadway. PTC.

20-01080 Warrant Arrest Douglas K. Howes, 48, arrested for FTA-driving while license suspended at 18th and Oak. Lodged.

20-01075 Warrant Arrest Casey E. Tarpein, 36, arrested for FTA-seat belt, at Fourth and Cedar. Lodged.

29-01066 Warrant Arrest Robert J. Platt, 65, was arrested for FTA-driving while license suspended at Eighth and Hampshire. Lodged.

20-00825 Arrest Miranda N. Long, 19, Quincy, for fighting at 401 Cherry, Apt. 5, on 1/10/20. NTA.

20-01176 Arrest/Lodged Amber Kaufman, 24, 1345 N. 1403rd Lane, Fowler, for FTA-disregarding a traffic control device. Lodged.

20-01171 Arrest/Lodged Brianna Foster, 29, 618 Washington, for FTA-theft. Lodged.

20-01168 Arrest/Lodged Gary Raleigh, 32, 618 Washington, for unlawful possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

20-00886 Lost Property Robyn Beach, 34, Hamilton, reported she left her purse near the entrance/exit at QMG, 1118 Hampshire. When she called to try and locate it, it was missing.

Warrant Arrest Thomas Tucker, 26, Quincy, for FTA-criminal trespass to land. Lodged.

Tabitha J. DeVerger, 22, Quincy, for FTA-home invasion. Lodged.

20-01117 Arrest/Traffic April A. Scott, 38, 602 Edgewood Drive, expired registration at South 36th and State. PTC.

20-01095 Arrest/Traffic Katelyn M. Wolf, 23, 4717 Herleman Road, failure to reduce speed at South 24th and State. PTC.

20-01203 Arrest/Lodged Julie M. Davis, 35, 540 College Ave., for FTA-violate stalking no contact order. Lodged.

19-35787 Criminal Damage Edgar L. Hoover, 53, 2511 Ken Mar Terrace, reports on 12/27/19 a window at his residence was damaged from what appeared to be a BB.

19-36097 Theft Gregory Meyers reported the theft of prescription medicine from his residence between 12/16 and 12/27/19.

20-01229 Traffic Arrest Laurel Rokusek, 29, 2808 Parkwood Drive, for failure to yield at intersection at Seventh and Maine. PTC.

19-35659 Vehicle Burglary Alexandra Stone, 2508 Cedar, reports her white 2015 Ford was entered between 1700 hours 12/24 and 1500 hours 12/25/19 while parked outside her residence. A gray bag and pair of wireless headphones were stolen.

20-01249 Warrant Arrest Michael Tousson, 27, Quincy, on a city OV for parked on land of another. Cash bond.

20-00787 Arrest Michael L. Schullian Sr., 48, Quincy, arrested for retail theft at 5211 Broadway, Walmart, on 1/10/20. Cash bond.

20-00295 Arrest Jamar R. Washington, 23, Quincy, arrested for possession of methamphetamine at Ninth and York. NTA.

20-01276 Arrest/Lodged Lauren R. Washburn, 35, Quincy, arrested for FTA-possession of methamphetamine at Eighth and York. Lodged.

20-01288 Arrest/Lodged Johnnie L.S. Patterson, 28, Quincy, arrested for FTA-traffic out of Brown County. Lodged.

20-01262 Arrest/Lodged Meghin A. McGhghy, 29, Quincy, arrested for FTA-possession of methamphetamine at Seventh and Washington. Lodged.

20-01286 Arrest/Traffic Isaac B. Baker, 40, Quincy, citation for bicycles to obey traffic laws at Fifth and Cedar. NTA.

20-01273 Arrest/Traffic Demeique D. Humphrey, 29, Quincy, citations for operate uninsured vehicle and no valid driver's license at 10th and Locust. NTA.

20-01277 Arrest/Traffic Brandy L. Trenter, 29, Quincy, citation for operate uninsured vehicle at 10th and Ohio. NTA.

20-00022 Burglary Alexis D. Woerman, 18, Quincy, reports her 2007 Jeep was entered on 1/1/20 while parked at 120 N. 12th. A cup and several items of clothing were taken.

19-36059 Burglary Joyce A.I. Roberts, 25, Quincy, reports her 2012 Nissan was entered between 12/16 and 12/30/19 while it was parked at 5307 Oak. A Nintendo Switch and multiple games were stolen.

19-35284 Hit-and-Run William E. Sanders, 57, Quincy, reports his 2017 Chevrolet was hit and run while parked at Texas Roadhouse on 12/20/19.

19-34113 Theft Judy Mountain, 37, Worthington, Mo., reports her daughters bookbag had items taken out of it while at Blessing Hospital on 12/7/19.

19-35169 Theft Rachel A. Slama, 27, Carthage, reports she left her black Michael Kors wallet at 5211 Broadway on 12/18/19. When she returned the wallet was gone.

20-01297 Arrest Summer C. Golian, 22, of Missouri, for failure to secure new registration.

19-35903 Arrest Austin M. Wester, 22, 818 S. 16th, for unlawful use of debit card at 534 Grant Drive and Warren County FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

20-01310 Arrest Walter E. Thompson, 48, 833 S. Fifth, for operating uninsured vehicle at 15th and Chestnut. NTA.

20-01315 Arrest Rontez L. Jackson, 39, 1034 N. Fifth, for FTA-seat belt required at 1034 N. Fifth. Lodged.

20-00870 Arrest Amy N. Kiles, 36, 318 Maiden Lane, for retail theft at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

20-00951 Arrest Blake Miller, 25, 1524 Lew Court, for operating uninsured vehicle and improper lane usaage at 30th and Maine. NTA.

19-35902 Burglary Jamilla Smith reported that a TV was stolen from her residence on 12/27/19.

20-00112 Burglary Shane McDermott reported that some entered 909 S. Ninth and stole appliances and copper pipe on 12/21/19.

20-00052 Criminal Damage Steven Steinkamp reported that his 2019 Kia was damaged while parked in the 900 block of Jefferson on 1/1/20. The doors on the driver's side were both scratched.

20-01397 Arrest Steven E. Gates Sr., 44, 631 Spring, for no valid driver's license and operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

20-01388 Arrest Oscar Martin Jr., 41, 321 S. Seventh, for no valid driver's license and operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

20-01392 Arrest Laura Vaughn, 50, 613 College Ave., for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

20-01357 Arrest Devan J. Powell, 18, 411 N. Wallace, Clayton, for fighting and consumption of alcohol by minor at Sixth and Sycamore. PTC.

20-00891 Arrest Kenneth T. Kramer, 29, homeless, Quincy, for retail theft at 620 Broadway. NTA.

20-01371 Arrest Lisa Bowman, 48, 824 N. 12th, for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

20-01397 Arrest/Lodged Steven Gates, 44, 633 1/2 Spring, for FTA-driving on suspended license. Lodged.

20-01362 Arrest/Lodged Earnest G. Clow, 38, 1030 Jersey, Apt. B, for FTA-methamphetamine. Lodged.

20-01354 Arrest/Lodged Amber N. Prior, 33, 709 Kentucky, for original warrant for petition to revoke probation. Lodged.

20-01395 Arrest/Lodged Christopher Bradshaw, 20, 1303 State, for FTA-fighting. Lodged.

20-01384 Arrest/Lodged Eric Richards, 21, 200 N. Eighth, Apt. 3, original warrant for leaving the scene of an accident.

19-35420 Burglary from Vehicle Elizabeth G. Shankman, 65, reports her 2014 Dodge was broken into in the area of 1219 Maine, miscellaneous documents stolen.

20-00004 Criminal Damage Mercedes L. Hayes, 31, reports the sunroof of her 2016 Toyota was damaged by unknown suspects in the area of 509 S. Ninth.

20-01347 Malicious Mischief Kevin W. Scronce, 38, 616 N. Fourth, for malicious mischief at 110 S. Eighth. PTC.

20-01415 Arrest Richard A. Cook, 28, LaGrange, Mo., for driving while license suspended at Fourth and Locust. NTA.

20-01413 Arrest Kristina M. Ransom-Smith, 45, 4624 Woodland Trail, for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident at 30th and College. PTC.

20-01411 Arrest Jeremiah J. Woolfolk, 33, 714 1/2 S. 14th, for driving while license suspended, operating uninsured vehicle and disregard traffic control device at 18th and Maine. NTA.

20-01418 Arrest Diana L. Klingele, 59, 2820 Curved Creek, for operating uninsured vehicle and speeding in a school zone at Harrison and Cadbury Ridge. NTA.

20-01347 Arrest Kevin W. Scronce, 38, 616 N. Fourth, for malicious mischief at 730 Maine. NTA.

20-01316 Arrest Misty L. Bowen, 42, 2225 N. 12th, for speeding and operating uninsured vehicle at 43rd and State. NTA.

20-01324 Arrest Drake M. Holloway, 18, 805 S. 16th, for operating uninsured vehicle at 21st and State. NTA.

20-01416 Arrest Jennifer R. Daggett, 34, 2906 Vermont, for FTA-disregard traffic control device at 20th and College. Cash bond.

20-00491 Theft April Dunnington reported a Schwinn Admiral Hybrid stolen from her property on 1/1/20.

20-00063 Theft Vincent Jones reported that a package delivered by FedEx was stolen off his porch.

20-01502 Arrest Christopher Pendergist, 52, 118 S. Range, Lima, for improper use of registration. NTA.

20-01491 Arrest John Madrid, 46, 200 Maine, Apt. 419, for trespassing and malicious mischief. NTA.

20-00983 Arrest Mackenzie C. Minear, 31, 204 Chestnut, for possession of methamphetamine. NTA.

20-00535 Arrest Maurice A. Talton Jr., 57, 636 Jefferson, for possession of methamphetamine. NTA.

20-01497 Arrest Brian A. Barnes, 27, 637 College Ave., for illegal transportation of cannabis. NTA.

19-34127 Arrest Jaycob Roland, 18, 210 N. Ohio, Camp Point, for fighting. NTA.

20-01466 Arrest/Lodged Alexander M. Treasler, 25, for a Pike County warrant FTA-speeding and operating uninsured motor vehicle at Fourth and Vermont. Lodged.

20-01408 Arrest/Traffic Anthony W. Link, 56, 127 S. Ganoe, Plainville, for expired registration and operating uninsured motor vehicle, at Fifth and Ohio. PTC.

20-01499 Arrest/Lodged Brian Barnes, 27, 637 College Ave., for FTA-family matter. Lodged.

20-01374 Traffic Megan L. Root, 31, 506 E. Adams, Rushville, for disobey stop light at 12th and Jefferson. PTC.

20-01469 Traffic Arrest Justin M.G. Crow, 19, 3428 Lawrence Road, failure to reduce speed to avoid accident at 36th and Broadway. PTC.

20-01410 Traffic Arrest Amber N. Beebe, 24, 3227 Crestview Drive, improper traffic lane usage and fail report vehicle accident on Lindell Avenue between Crestview Drive and 30th. PTC.

20-01551 Arrest Kimberly R. Spann, 43, 910 N. Third, for shoplifting at 620 Broadway on 1/17/20. NTA.

20-00640 Arrest/Lodged Adam Klauser, 45, 711 S. 15th, for a ticket on file for violation of an OP. Lodged.

20-01518 Arrest/Lodged Parish Bennett, 32, 1032 S. First, Iowa City, Iowa, for possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of methamphetamine, no valid driver's license and operating uninsured vehicle at Fourth and Broadway. Lodged.

19-35956 Burglary Logan B. Chancellor, 28, 519 Adams, reports on 12/29/19 her residence was entered multiple electronics were taken.

20-00068 Recovered Property A blue and silver spray painted mountain bike was recovered at the rear of 1326 State on 1/1/20. Logged into recovered property.

20-01530 Theft Susan Bowen, Golden, reports the theft of her light brown purse containing debit cards and checkbook from Blessing Hospital between 1/16 and 1/17/20. Teleserve.

20-00414 Theft Dustin Herring, 2131 Sunnybrook Drive East, reports the theft of his son's blue Trek Duel Sport 1 mountain bike from either his residence or the 12th and Harrison Dairy Queen between 1/1 and 1/5/20.

20-01539 Warrant Arrest Stephanie Walker, 23, 1405 N. Sixth, on warrants for FTA-possession of methamphetamine x2, domestic battery and retail theft. Lodged.

Stephanie Seidelman, 34, 30432 353rd, Barry, on a McDonough County warrant for FTA-speeding. Cash Bond.

20-34600 Arrest Conner Emrick, 23, 3008 College Ave., for speeding. PTC.

19-35138 Arrest Victoria L. Grady, 31, 1412 Fir Place, Columbia, Mo., for operating an uninsured vehicle, improper use of registration and failure to wear seat belt. NTA.

20-01595 Traffic Arrest Tashay L. Nellum, 24, Peoria, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle and driving while license suspended. NTA.

Warrant Arrest Evander Nunn, 33, Quincy, for FTA-aggravated DUI. Lodged.

Chantyra Wilson, 23, Quincy, violation of court order. Lodged.

19-36113 Arrest Sheri L. Hendrian, 44, 3623 N. Fifth, retail theft at 5211 Broadway on 12/31/19. NTA.

20-01551 Arrest Kimberly R. Spann, 43, 910 N. Third, shoplifting at 620 Broadway. NTA.

19-34962 Hit-and-Run Mallori M. Edwards, 25, Quincy, reports on 12/17/19 someone struck her 2010 Kia while parked at 2057 Lind.

19-36024 Theft Haily B. Meyer, 45, 2521 N. 16th, reports on 12/30/19 the two front tires were taken off of her 2011 Ford while parked at 4519 Broadway.

19-34650 Theft Holly M. Durbin, 28, 1711 N. 17th, reports on 12/13/19 a package being taken from her front porch.

20-01682 Arrest Jordan T. Sutton, 18, Quincy, arrested for FTA-driving while license suspended at 18th and Broadway. Cash bond.

20-01640 Arrest/Lodged Nicole S. Von Burg, 43, Quincy, arrested for FTA-operate uninsured vehicle and driving while license suspended at Third and Cedar. Lodged.

20-01640 Arrest/Lodged Brooke N. Osborne, 22, Quincy, arrested for FTA-stealing at Third and Cedar. Lodged.

20-01655 Arrest/Lodged Janika E. Hodge, 28, Quincy, arrested for resisting a peace officer and FTA-display of registration at Eighth and Payson Avenue. Lodged.

20-01651 Arrest/Traffic Garrett M. Toolate, 18, Fowler, citation for squealing/screeching tires at Sixth and Broadway. PTC.

20-01653 Arrest/Traffic Richard V. Jones, 27, Quincy, citation for driving while license revoked at Sixth and Broadway. NTA.

20-01697 Warrant Arrest Cheri Dunham, 56, 200 Maine, on a warrant for driving while license suspended, expired registration, speeding and operating uninsured vehicle at her residence on 1/19/20. Lodged.

20-01727 Arrest David M. Baze, 22, Quincy, for Stealing at 1801 Broadway on 1/19/20. Cash bond.

20-01720 Arrest Tiffany M. Reeves, 29, Hannibal, Mo., for retail theft at Kohl's, 6100 Broadway. Lodged.

20-01595 Traffic Arrest Tashay L. Nellum, 24, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle and driving while license suspended. NTA.

20-01705 Traffic Arrest Robert D. Labelle Jr., 43, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle, driving while license suspended and expired registration. NTA.

Warrant Arrest Malina J. Smith, 52, Quincy, for FTA-forgery and FTA-McDonough County warrant. Lodged.

Amanda M. Benge, 31, Quincy, for FTA-operation of uninsured motor vehicle. Lodged.