Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Feb. 3, 2020

Posted: Feb. 3, 2020 12:01 am Updated: Feb. 6, 2020 11:50 am

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:31 p.m. Jan. 27, 5:09 a.m. Jan. 28, 4:58 p.m. Jan. 28, 5:03 a.m. Jan. 29, 5:50 a.m. Jan. 30, 5:14 p.m. Jan. 30, 5:52 a.m. Jan. 31, 5:24 p.m. Jan. 31, 5:15 a.m. Feb. 1, 4:55 p.m. Feb. 1, 5:04 a.m. Feb. 1, 5:06 p.m. Feb. 2 and 5:32 a.m. Feb. 3.

20-00639 Criminal Damage Samuel J. Geise, 28, 2025 Prairie Ave., reports on 1/8/20 his 2014 Chevrolet was damaged while parked at 3115 Broadway.

20-01717 Theft Deontae L. Graham, 20, Florissant, Mo., theft at 5211 Broadway on 1/19/20. NTA.

20-01232 Theft Angela S. O’Brien, 60, 1212 S. 14th, reports $60 of prescription medication taken between 1/06 and 1/14/20.

20-02369 Warrant Arrest Keith G. Adams, 55, for FTA-driving while license suspended, unlicensed, operating uninsured motor vehicle at Seventh and Lind. Lodged.

20-02434 Arrest Kaeona Woodson, 28, 1841 Lebanon Ave., Belleville, for no valid driver’s license. NTA.

20-02419 Arrest Alac R. Gilday, 19, 1115 N. Fifth, for no valid driver’s license. NTA.

20-02400 Arrest Corey D. Richardson, 21, 719 1/2 S. Eighth, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. PTC.

20-02423 Arrest Sidney M. Kramer, 22, 216 1/2 Chestnut, for operating an uninsured vehicle and expired registration. NTA.

20-02378 Arrest/Lodged Kimberly R. Spann, 43, 910 N. Third, retail theft at 6100 Broadway. Lodged.

20-02393 Arrest/Lodged Aleigha B. Smook, 21, 130 S. Chestnut, Mendon, for possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

20-02478 Arrest Joshua P. Nelson, 27, Quincy, for Adam County warrants criminal sexual assault, criminal trespass, sexual exploitation of a child and criminal trespass to state supported land at Eighth and Chestnut. Lodged.

20-01937 Arrest Carol McCoy, 57, 11282 West Lakeshore Drive, Hannibal, Mo., for retail theft at 5211 Broadway. Cash bond.

20-01213 Hit-and-Run Ted Niemann, 525 Jersey, reports his blue 2020 Honda was hit and run while parked at 525 Jersey on 1/14/20 around 0915 hours.

20-02450 Traffic Arrest Amy Platt, 51, 618 Jackson, for expired registration at Eighth and Broadway. PTC.

20-02532 Arrest/Lodged Brandon B. Thorman-McKey, 18, Quincy, arrested for FTA-shoplifting at 12th and Maine. Lodged.

20-02526 Arrest/Traffic Dillon J. Welte, 20, Quincy, citation for driving while license suspended at Gardner Expressway and Jefferson. NTA.

20-01257 Lost Property Elizabeth A. Saxton, 37, Quincy, reports she lost her purse at Walmart, 5211 Broadway, on 1/14/20.

20-02484 Traffic Arrest Kathleen J. Howser, 55, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Eighth and York on 1/28/20. NTA.

20-02505 Traffic Arrest Kare L. Cissna, 37, Quincy, for failure to signal when required on Eighth from Cedar to Spruce on 1/28/20. NTA.

20-02595 Arrest Everette A. Abbey, 42, 1237 N. 11th, for improper registration, expired registration and improper turn signal. NTA.

20-02606 Arrest Kalel S. Robinson, 35, 307 S. 11th, for improper use of registration. NTA.

20-02604 Arrest/Lodged Ronald B. Martin, 40, 200 Maine Apt. 214, for FTA-payment review. Lodged.

20-02295 Hit-and-Run Maggie D. Mosby, 19, 1214 Harrison Plaza, reported her 2007 Toyota Camry was struck by a grey Chevrolet Impala at 711 S. Front on 1/26/20 at 0323 hours. The Impala fled the scene.

20-02659 Arrest Samuel P. Harris, 18, Liberty, for speeding.

20-02650 Arrest Kayla Kemper, 29, Quincy, for speeding.

20-02644 Arrest Travis R. Chriscoe, 21, Quincy, for speeding.

20-02629 Arrest Rebecca L. Davis, 48, Quincy, for expired registration.

20-02651 Arrest Gabrielle L. Heflin, 20, 1601 S. 24th, for shoplifting at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

20-02544 Arrest Kathleen O. Hurd, 56, Somerville, Tenn., for improper lane usage between on Jersey between Fifth and Sixth. PTC.

20-02563 Arrest Christopher J. Benedict, 34, 200 Maine, for shoplifting at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

20-02623 Arrest Ricky K. Chapman, 63, 1720 Wilmar Orchard, for failure to secure child under 8 and operating uninsured vehicle at Wilmar Orchard and Harrison. NTA.

20-02571 Arrest Kassidy E. Kenning, 18, Fowler, for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident at 36th and Cambridge. PTC.

20-02560 Arrest/Traffic Abigail Oshner, 28, was arrested for illegal operation of electronic communications device. PTC.

20-02558 Arrest/Traffic Marissa Lumpkin, 37, was arrested for speeding, 44 mph in a 30 zone. PTC.

20-02647 Arrest/Lodged Iesha L. Weems 28, Quincy, for battery and FTA-driving while license suspended out of Hancock County.

20-02098 Arrest/Lodged Adam R. Niemeier, 25, 814 Spring, for aggravated domestic battery and intimidation.

20-01432 Burglary Katherine Payne reported her 2007 Toyota entered and CDs stolen from the console on 1/15/20.

20-02737 Arrest Joanna L. Hoskins, 28, Payson, for operating uninsured vehicle and expired registration at 10th and Jersey. NTA.

20-02764 Arrest/Lodged Eric Mayall, 31, 2903 E. Augusta Road, Clayton, for felony retail theft and a warrant for FTA-domestic battery. Lodged.

20-02720 Arrest/Lodged Brandon Thorman-McKey, 18, 925 Hampshire, for residential burglary in the 800 block of South 13th. Lodged.

20-01917 Burglary Scot McKiernan reported that two pair of prescription sunglasses were stolen from his 2013 Ford on 1/22/20.

20-01528 Criminal Damage Sheena Ramsey reported that someone scratched the rear bumper of her 2019 GMC while parked at 3700 Broadway on 1/17/20.

20-02663 Traffic Arrest Jessica Dwyer, 18, Canton, Mo., for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at Fourth and Broadway. NTA.

20-02800 Arrest William Owsley, 28, 2730 Chestnut, for driving while license suspended. NTA.

20-02779 Arrest Seyth A. Lawton-Logsdon, 19, 2207 Spring, for driving while license suspended. NTA.

20-00218 Arrest/Lodged Taylor M. Downing, 25, Quincy, arrested for FTA-possession of drug paraphernalia and FTA-aggravated battery at 1235 Chestnut. Lodged.

20-02802 Arrest/Lodged Penny S. Eitnear, 53, Quincy, arrested for FTA-driving while license suspended, FTA-no insurance and driving while license suspended at 21st and Ohio. Lodged.

20-02822 Arrest/Lodged Dustin K. Parsons, 33, Quincy, arrested for FTA-operate uninsured vehicle and FTA-driving while license revoked at Seventh and Ohio. Lodged.

20-02791 Arrest/Traffic Kelsey A. Hickman, 28, Quincy, citation for passing school bus while loading at 14th and Maine. NTA.

20-02808 Arrest/Traffic Landon W. Sprague, 34, Quincy, citation for operate uninsured vehicle at 10th and Broadway. NTA.

20-02823 Arrest/Traffic Dorisann M. Burke, 28, Quincy, arrested for driving while license suspended at Fourth and Maiden Lane. NTA.

20-02797 Arrest/Traffic David M. Butler, 56, Hannibal, Mo., citation for operate uninsured vehicle at 13th and Broadway. NTA.

20-02793 Arrest/Lodged Talyn Fesler, 35, 915 N. Fourth, for PTR-theft over $500. Lodged.

20-02785 Arrest/Lodged LaShonda Louis, 39, 537 Locust, for PTR-DUI and domestic battery. Lodged.

20-02774 Arrest/Lodged Brooke Osborne, 22, 300 Cedar, Apt. 9, for FTA-retail theft. Lodged.

20-02065 Hit-and-Run Doug N. Johnson, 54, Quincy, reports his 2015 Chevrolet was struck by another vehicle at 36th and State on 1/23/20.

20-02845 Arrest/Traffic Jentry A. Baker, 22, 1212 N. 11th, driving while license suspended, operating uninsured, improper use of registration at North Fifth and Oak. NTA.

20-01218 Burglary Richard L. Martin, 67, 720 Cherry, reports multiple tools taken from 1308 N. Eighth between 12/26/19 and 1/12/20.

20-00410 Recovered Property A UMX Tracfone was recovered from the third floor of the Elkton Hotel, 133 S. Fourth.

20-01124 Vehicle Burglary Amber Welte, 831 S. 16th, reports her unlocked white 1995 Toyota was entered and a makeup box containing two gold bracelets was stolen between 1/11 and 1/13/20 while parked at her residence.

20-02827 Arrest Jay M. Goodwin, 25, Quincy, for public drinking at 28th and Chestnut on 2/1/20. NTA.

20-02002 Arrest James L. Douglas Jr., 20, Quincy, arrested for possession of cannabis more than 100 grams and resisting a peace officer at 10th and Payson Avenue. NTA.

20-02888 Arrest/Traffic Holly M. Butler, 37, Quincy, citation for operate uninsured vehicle at 36th and Maine. NTA.

20-02891 Arrest/Traffic John M. Madrid, 46, Quincy, citation for operate uninsured vehicle at Eighth and Vermont. NTA.

20-02872 Arrest/Traffic Bryan L. Ames, 36, Quincy, arrested for driving while license suspended and operating uninsured vehicle at Sixth and Maine. NTA.

20-01151 Criminal Damage Amy M. Platt, 51, 618 Jackson, reports the front door of her residence was damaged on 1/13/20.

20-02883 Traffic Arrest Eric J. Broeker, 20, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Sixth and Kentucky on 2/1/20. NTA.

Danielle L. Altheide, 27, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Fifth and York on 2/1/20. NTA.

20-02901 Traffic Arrest Ron M. Carter, 36, Shelbina, Mo., for operation of uninsured motor vehicle on 2/1/20 at Sixth and Hampshire. NTA.

Warrant Arrest Amber L. Propst, 25, Quincy, for PTR-possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

Cambron J. Adams, 24, Quincy, for FTA-driving while license suspended. Lodged.

20-02902 Arrest James A. Hodgson, 27, Quincy, for violation of an order of protection at 10th and Broadway on 2/1/20. Lodged.

20-02953 Arrest/Lodged Alicia Damico, 38, Quincy, for felony retail theft at 5211 Broadway. Lodged.

20-02522 Traffic Arrest Landon Stice, 29, 1407 Cherry, for DUI, illegal transportation of alcohol and disregarding a traffic control device. Cash bond.