Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: June 1, 2020

Posted: Jun. 1, 2020 12:01 am Updated: Jun. 2, 2020 10:10 am

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:27 May 25, 4:47 a.m. May 26, 6:10 p.m. May 26, 5:55 p.m. May 27, 5:07 a.m. May 28, 5:24 p.m. May 28, 5:07 a.m. May 29, 5:43 p.m. May 29, 5:06 p.m. May 30, 5:41 p.m. May 31 and 5 a.m. June 1.

20-11393 Theft On 5/21/20, Casey Decker, 1221 S. 12th, reported the theft of a purple, 20-inch Mongoose BMX bike. A suspect has not been identified.

20-11714 Arrest/Lodged Scott M. Lancaster, 46, 1114 S. Eighth, for aggravated domestic battery and unlawful restraint at 1114 S. Eighth. Lodged.

20-11716 Arrest/Lodged Stephen W. Williams, 49, 613 Elm, for aggravated domestic battery at 613 Elm. Lodged.

20-11717 Warrant Arrest Heather M. Golay, 32, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine and FTA-theft. NTA.

20-11695 Warrant Arrest Tiffany R. Browning, 36, for FTA-driving while license suspended and FTA-bad check. NTA.

20-11699 Arrest Garrett A. Porter, 26, and Cheyenne N. Grenell, 24, 922 N. 10th, for fighting at 922 N. 10th. NTA.

20-11576 Arrest/Lodged Nicholas L. Trenter, 35, was arrested for aggravated battery to peace officer, possession of methamphetamine less than 5 grams, obstructing justice and resisting a peace officer. Lodged.

20-11626 Arrest Brianna S. Nixon, 18, 1301 Werner, for vandalism at 1301 Werner. NTA.

20-10932 Arrest Mark A. Smith, 37, homeless, for driving while license revoked and trespassing at 300 Lind. NTA.

20-10900 Hit-and-Run Ellen Reed reported her 2008 Toyota was struck by another vehicle while parked in the 300 block of State.

20-11301 Arrest Anthony D.D. Carroll, 18, Quincy, arrested for residential burglary on 5/20/20. NTA.

20-11872 Arrest/Lodged Jeffrey D. King, 40, Quincy, arrested for an Arkansas parole warrant at Eighth and Locust. Lodged.

20-11889 Arrest/Lodged Darren L. Griffith, 47, Quincy, arrested for an aggravated battery warrant at 817 S. Sixth. Lodged.

20-11888 Arrest/Lodged Patsy R. Bassett, 30, Quincy, arrested for FTA-theft x2. Lodged.

20-11907 Arrest Jeramya C. Rossiter, 21, 707 Kentucky, for vandalism at 130 S. Fifth. NTA.

20-10694 Burglary Whitney Miller reported that Adore Studios was entered, and electronics and merchandise was stolen on 5/11/20.

20-10840 Theft Andrew Westmaas reported his red Schwinn bicycle was stolen on 5/8/20.

20-10841 Theft Nathan Kohler reported the license plate stolen off his 2017 Yamaha on 5/21/20.

20-11899 Arrest Christopher R.I. Kozlowski, 22, Quincy, arrested for consumption of alcoholic liquors on unlicensed premises at 1801 Broadway. NTA.

20-11891 Arrest Ciarra L. Hahne, 23, and Courtney R. Gordon, 25, Quincy, arrested for peace disturbance at 1806 N. Granview Drive. NTA.

20-11974 Arrest/Lodged Matthew E. Meyers, 24, Quincy, arrested for domestic battery at 1811 Granview Drive. Lodged.

20-11960 Arrest/Lodged Richard L. Lafond, 49, Quincy, arrested for FTA-obstructing justice at 200 Maine. Lodged.

20-11909 Arrest/Lodged Brandi L. Kennan, 24, Quincy, for FTA-resisting a peace officer x2 and FTA-unauthorized use of title or license.

20-11402 Criminal Damage Brittany Patheal, Quincy, reports a vehicle had the tire flattened while parked in the 800 block of North Fifth on 5/21/20.

20-10708 Criminal Damage A black marker was used to write on the bus stop station at Eighth and Jersey on 5/11/20.

20-11399 Forgery Theodore Stuhlman of Missouri reports receiving a counterfeit $20 bill from the ATM at Herbal Remedies on 5/21/20.

20-10439 Hit-and-Run Douglas Eaton, Quincy, reports his vehicle was hit and run at 16th and Jefferson on 5/8/20.

20-10785 Recovered Property A cellphone was recovered in the yard at 401 Cherry on 5/12/20. Possible owner is Brian Christ. Logged in to other property.

20-10868 Recovered Property A pair of men’s Nike Air Jordan shoes were found at 1306 Madison on 5/13/20.

20-11078 Theft over $500 Nicole Nokes, 813 Jersey, reports her prescription medications were stolen from her residence on 5/16/20.

20-12074 Arrest Cody Tipton, 26, Payson, for speeding.

20-11940 Arrest/Lodged Victoria L. Grady, 31, Quincy, for violation of an order of protection.

20-11689 Theft under $500 Connie Spory, Quincy, reports a black metal chair was taken from the bed of a truck parked at Fifth and State on 5/25/20.

20-11020 Criminal Damage Charles Mathews, Quincy, reports the locks on his trailer was cut sometime in the last three months. Nothing was taken.

20-10766 Retail Theft Walmart loss prevention reports a Vizio 55-inch TV was stolen from the store on 5/12/20.

20-12181 Arrest Stephanie L. Walker, 23, 3207 College Ave., for trespassing at 5211 Broadway on 5/31/20. NTA.