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After two previous events were rained out, the Early Tin Duster’s held their first Cruise Night Saturday at Quincy’s Hy-Vee on Harrison. Dozens of classic cars were on display at the club’s monthly open event.

QUINCY — After a few setbacks earlier this year due to rain, the Early Tin Dusters group of car enthusiasts held their first Cruise Night on Saturday at the Harrison Hy-Vee.

This was the thirst Cruise Night on the calendar, but the first two events were both rained out. Club president Denny Milfs said they were close for the June show.

“The weather was a lot like this when we got there,” Milfs said under a blue, sun-soaked sky. “But before anyone else could show up, the clouds rolled in and just opened up on us. So home we went.

Saturday’s skies remained clear as a couple of dozen cars were parked in the grassy field along Harrison Street at 14th. The club’s Cruise Nights run from around 5 p.m. until dusk on the third Saturday of the summer months. Along with an excuse to get together and share stories, the club uses the events to help raise money for Camp Callahan.

Club member Dan Chapman said the gatherings are a good time for members and friends to come together.

“Car people develop a special friendship” she said. “No matter where they come from, they always have something they can talk about. We like to sit around and visit.”

Milfs said he started working on cars before he even able to drive them.

“I pull cars home, find an old Model A, cut the top off, and just work on them, figure things out,” he said. “I worked my way through school at my uncle’s body shop.”

Milfs said it grew to be a lot more than just a hobby. Now working out of his own show on South 18th Street in Quincy, he’s built 60 cars in the last two decades.

“Those are mostly for people hiring me,” Milfs said, “but a few of them are my own.”

The Cruise Nights are open events, meaning anyone with a car they want to show off is welcome to join. The Color Run held in October most years is limited to vehicles from 1949 and earlier.

Jerry Coffey said he’s been bringing cars to the Color Run since 1995. He’s been trying to get to the Cruise Nights this year, but they kept getting canceled.

“We made it down this week, though,” he said, “and it’s turned out to be a really nice night.”

Coffey said he used an online resource called Rick’s List to find car shows, cruise nights, and other events that are close to him, and to find weekend events that he might want to travel for and send a few days attending.

Turn-out for Saturday’s Cruise Night was a little lower than typical, according to Milfs. But he said with the weather this week and people just getting used to getting back out, he was happy with the evening’s showing even as cars continued to pull into the lot.

The Early Tin Dusters Color Run is scheduled for October 15 — 17 this year. Before then, Milfs said they have two more cruise nights on the calendar, for August 21 and September 18. For more information on any of the Early Tin Duster’s club events, visit their Facebook page or go to

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