Service League Gift Show returns for 53rd event

Shoppers were excited to return to the Oakley-Lindsay Center Saturday for the return of the Quincy Service League Holiday Gift Show. The show continues on Sunday until 4 p.m.

QUINCY — The Quincy Service League Holiday Gift Show returned to the floor of the Oakley-Lindsay Center for their 53rd annual event.

Laura Keane chairs the Gift Show committee for the Service League. She said that there were around 350 people attending early Saturday for breakfast, and estimated that more than 500 people had been through the doors by 1 p.m. on Saturday.

“This is our main fundraiser to give money back to the community,” Keane said. “This allows us to give more money back, so the more business we do this week, the more we can give to the community.”

The Service League provides grants for both individual charitable requests as well as through community projects.

“We’ve done everything from iPads at schools to the QND choir room,” Keane said. “We take grant applications at our QSL website. Once they apply for the grants, we have a committee that goes through those applications. They ask for as much as they would like, and then the committee determines what we’re able to provide. A lot of it goes to smaller things, things that teachers may need to help in their classroom.”

Keane was proud to say that nearly all applications that are submitted end up receiving something, even if it’s not the entire requested amount. Grant recipients must be registered non-profits and must be organizations benefitting groups or individuals in Adams County. The complete list of requirements and guidelines, as well as the grant applications, can be found at the Quincy Service League website.

A first-time visitor on the floor was Missouri-resident Nate Henson, who was attending the show with his wife, a regular attendee.

“I usually just drive my wife and her friends here,” Henson said. “She was coming alone this year, though, so I decided to come in. There’s a lot of stuff to see here, and and lot of people to get around. There’s more here catching my eye than I would have expected.”

Keane said the shoppers all seemed very pleased to have the show back this year.

I think they’re ready to just be out and about and doing things,” she said. “We’re down a few of our regular vendors this years, but other vendors have stepped up and taken their places. I think they’re even more excited to be here this year than we are.”

The Holiday Gift Show runs through 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Admission is $3 at the door, with lunch and desserts for sale. For more information on the Quincy Service League and their projects, visit

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