Patio owners hope to open Feb. 9

This rendering shows plans for the updated bar area at the Patio at Fourth and Jersey in Quincy. Owners Ryan Jude Tanner and Jay Krottinger say they hope to open the restaurant on Feb. 9. 

QUINCY — With work on the Patio restaurant and Hotel Elkton progressing, new owners Ryan Jude Tanner and Jay Krottinger have announced they hope to open the gutted and remodeled restaurant on Feb. 9.

They said patrons of the longtime Quincy establishment will see some new takes on longtime favorites, all in a thoroughly updated environment.

“The menu will be different, and will be innovative local fare that is representative of particularly the West Coast in terms of flavors and color,” Tanner said. “And we have traveled all over the world, so we kind of hope to bring some of our favorites. We also will be keeping some of the favorites, particularly the pork chop.”

Krottinger stressed the goal is to give diners menu items they’ve never before experienced in Quincy.

“There are Italian restaurants in town, and that’s what they do best,” Krottinger said. “There are pizza places. There are taverns and pubs, and that’s what they do best. And while we might have options on the menu, there’s no reason for us to try to excel in something like that. This is not what the experience is going to be here.”

That experience, the owners say, will be one that offers high-end quality in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

“We’re always so hesitant to define or get into a category as being fine dining” Krottinger said. “The décor may present that, but this is a place for all Quincyans, and we don’t want to put ourselves in a position where the price point is unfavorable at all.”

Still, Krottinger said, there will be an elevated experience.

“We want the menu and experience to be something that carries the tradition of something special to go to,” he said. “You can come here and have an extraordinary regional experience, unique to what you might find in St. Louis or in Chicago.”

Presenting a welcoming, inclusive environment is particularly important to Quincy native Tanner, whose great-grandmother, Velma “Tennessee” Gardner, was a longtime employee at the Patio.

“For example, my brother works at Titan Wheel,” Tanner said. “I want him to get off work, come sit at the really cool, fabulous new bar and have drinks and appetizers. And then maybe he’ll go down the street to Tiramisu and have dinner. And if you’re just getting off the river, we want you to come have dinner. And if you are at the country club playing golf, come here for dinner. We want it to be representative and a place everyone can go.”

A large part of that will involve keeping the menu affordable.

“The previous price point of where the Patio was is where we hope to be,” Tanner said. “Because of COVID and cleaning and the filtration system that we’re installing that helps with COVID and reducing the spread and have those particles, the restaurant has grown in expense. So there might be some of that that would be built into, say a cheeseburger that might be increased 75 cents over the last time or something along those lines.”

And in an entirely remodeled interior, one of the features not going away will be the window that allows diners to look into what will be a state-of-the-art kitchen and take in the show as meals are prepared.

“For a couple of guys who produce theater for a living, right, that’s exactly how we’re treating every night from when we open until when we close,” Tanner said. “And that’s the type of team we want, and the vibe and the energy.”

One of the biggest challenges facing the owners now is hiring staff for the restaurant.

“We need everyone,” Tanner said. “We need great talent, people who bring something new to the table, people who are able to think on their own and who want to be part of a tradition that has a bold new look. We want it to be diverse and inclusive and welcoming, and representative of the community.”

Anyone interested in applying to work at the Patio can visit, where online reservations also can be made beginning Jan. 11.

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