Thai D'Lish

Co-owner Keith Teera shows off Thai D’Lish’s newest addition of two rooms on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021. The addition will allow the restaurant to seat people with more space between the tables to make guests more comfortable.

QUINCY — Following a year when a lot of plans had to be changed or scrapped, Quincy’s Thai D’Lish is moving forward with an expansion of the restaurant.

Co-owner Keith Teera conceived of the plan when the cellphone retailer in the north half of the building opted not to renew its lease. With his restaurant at 234 N. 12th keeping a steady flow of business, even during the COVID-19 crisis, Teera decided to revamp the space into a larger dining area in anticipation of indoor dining returning.

As with most plans over the last year, Teera also found himself shifting gears when the state allowed restaurants to open back up earlier than expected, and without notice.

“The fortunate part for us is we were already doing a good carryout business,” Teera said. “When they closed indoor dining last year, we were ready to keep working.”

Teera credits his servers and staff for their willingness to adjust their shifts to work around the new carryout demands.

“We were able to maintain our consistency,” he said.

The construction is already near to completion. Delays in product availability — of course, due to the pandemic — have slowed down some of the final touches.

“We were supposed to have the window tinting (in the new space) done on the 11th, then the 18th, then the 28th,” Teera said. “So we’re just waiting on things to become available.”

The delays in deliveries aren’t holding the business back on any level, though. With indoor dining open again, the restaurant is open for business for lunch and dinner, even as work on the upgrades continues.

“We started in the kitchen,” Teera said, “and then we got to work on the new dining room. We planned to completely update the restrooms when that was done, but once we had to start waiting, we decided to start that, too, so we’re just waiting around.”

Teera said he’s expecting to have the expansion completed some time in February.

The current dining room is open for dining, but when the expansion is complete, that space will be used as a lobby for customers picking up orders or waiting for their table. The new configuration is expected to have a capacity of about 100 customers.

Teera and Vicky Thanarak, his wife and co-owner, moved to Quincy in 2016 and opened Thai D’Lish in 2017.

“The first year we did pretty good,” Teera said. “The second year was better, and the third year has been going well. We’ve really put down roots here now.”

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