The staff’s favorite book this week at the Quincy Public Library is Dangerous Ground by Rachel Grant. Over the past ten years, wildlife photograph Dean Slater has lost his wife and his parents. When he discovers that his twin brother, Dylan, is missing, he refuses to acknowledge that he might be dead, too. Instead, he lies his way into a research expedition to Chiksook Island, a remote island in the Aleutians where his brother, a volcanologist, was last seen. The person he wants to connect with first is archaeologist Fiona Carver, whom Dylan claimed was his girlfriend. Almost from the start, Dean senses something off about the entire expedition. Fiona’s unwillingness to talk about Dylan increases his wariness. When Dean accompanies Fiona to check on an historic site she was forced to leave unsecured when the team evacuated the island unexpectedly, the truth comes out but not before their lives are threatened. On their way back to camp, they see plumes of black smoke only to find that someone has blown up the camp and all of their supplies. Now Dean and Fiona are stranded on the island with only the supplies they brought with them to the site and what was in their utility vehicle. They must not only scavenge for food, heat, and shelter, but also continue their search for Dylan because that might be the only way they leave the island alive. Dangerous Ground is a tense, suspenseful new book full of fascinating scientific details and plenty of sexual chemistry set in a truly unique location.


Danny Trejo is one of the most iconic bad guys and has the honor of being the most-killed actor in Hollywood. But before he made his way onto the big screen, he was a drug addict and a convicted felon who really thought he would die in prison. Then a stint in solitary confinement in Soledad Prison that could have ended in the death penalty made Trejo come back to the God he was raised with. Incredibly, the case against him was dropped and his views on life changed. He was still in prison, but no longer taking drugs and began actively working with prisoners on a twelve-step program. Nearly a year later, Trejo was released. He continued his work in prison helping the most vulnerable get clean and sober, tried to stay out of trouble himself, and did a little background work in the movies whenever they needed extras. It wasn’t until he showed up on the set of Runaway Train, starring Eric Roberts and Jon Voight, looking for someone who asked for his help to stay sober that his acting career took off. The director took one look at Trejo and from that moment on, his life was never the same. He shares the ups and downs of his life in his new autobiography, Trejo, written with fellow actor and survivor Donal Logue.

Wildflowers of the Midwest

Now that the weather is starting to cool off, it’s the perfect time to get outside and soak up some nature. As you explore the parks and scenic trails, you might want to check out Wildflowers of the Midwest to help you identify some of Mother Nature’s more colorful offerings. This book is helpfully divided into color chapters and even includes a chapter on non-native species (otherwise classified as weeds). In addition each entry has a full-color photograph and description as well as information on the bloom season and habitat. With over 600 entries, you are sure to find the flower you are searching for.

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