Culver-Stockton College has announced that 55 area students have been named to the President's List and 55 to the Dean's List for the Spring 2021 semester.

These students Completed at least 12 credit hours of coursework at earned at least a 4.0 GPA to be named to the President's List:

Marissa Anderson of LaGrange, Mo.

Halle Barnes of Quincy, Ill.

Kyla Berrey of Quincy, Ill.

Gracie Bunge of Golden, Ill.

Brandie Colbert of Canton, Mo.

Emily Diaz of Quincy, Ill.

Hayley Egbert of Hannibal, Mo.

Katie Elder of Canton, Mo.

Harrison Fey of Quincy, Ill.

Christopher Ford of Canton, Mo.

Zayne Gaus of Ewing, Mo.

Alexander George of Canton, Mo.

Kalli Gordanier of Hannibal, Mo.

Lexie Gordanier of Hannibal, Mo.

Emrielle Griesbaum of Palmyra, Mo.

Amber Haantz of Quincy, Ill.

Madelyn Haley of Liberty, Ill.

McKenzie Hall of Hamilton, Ill.

Haley Haugh of Quincy, Ill.

Abigail Heinecke of Fowler, Ill.

Thomas Hendren of Palmyra, Mo.

Luxe Hitzeroth of Quincy, Ill.

Tristen Hudnut of Canton, Mo.

Dalton Huffman of Hannibal, Mo.

Laken Hugenberg of Canton, Mo.

Rowdy Jackson of Canton, Mo.

Kaitlyn Kimbrell of Ewing, Mo.

Noah Klauser of Quincy, Ill.

Drew Klocke of Ewing, Mo.

Alexzander Knoverek of Quincy, Ill.

Andrew Liesen of Canton, Mo.

Allisyn Long of Palmyra, Mo.

Andrea Martin of Hannibal, Mo.

Jaden McAfee of Kahoka, Mo.

Bailey McNamar of Quincy, Ill.

Hannah Murfin of Quincy, Ill.

Dalton Myers of Quincy, Ill.

Keelie O'Brien of Kahoka, Mo.

Kaelee Ogle of Center, Mo.

Noah Parrish of LaBelle, Mo.

Mackenzie Patrick of Carthage, Ill.

Makenzie Prenger of Hannibal, Mo.

Barclay Raith of Hannibal, Mo.

Samantha Reed of Quincy, Ill.

Shelby Reed of Quincy, Ill.

Isaac Reinwald of Hannibal, Mo.

Arysta Snyder of Rutledge, Mo.

Logan Sonethongkham of Quincy, Ill.

Aaliyah Turl of Hannibal, Mo.

Noel Vanderbol of Quincy, Ill.

Steven Walker of Palmyra, Mo.

Abigail Ward of Hannibal, Mo.

Quentin Wells of Kahoka, Mo.

Monica Wever of Hurdland, Mo.

Taylor Wood of Quincy, Ill.

Kameron Worley of Bowling Green, Mo.

These students Completed at least 12 credit hours of coursework and earned between a 3.5 and 3.99 GPA to be named to the Dean's List:

Miranda Abell of Durham, Mo.

Hannah Beahan of Hannibal, Mo.

Jessica Beaver of Quincy, Ill.

Cecilia Bell of Hannibal, Mo.

Elizabeth Bimson of Taylor, Mo.

Chelsea Bisch of Knox City, Mo.

Autumn Blackford of Shelbina, Mo.

Mick Bramlett of Hannibal, Mo.

Jacob Caldwell of Hannibal, Mo.

Tanner Cannady of Quincy, Ill.

Hope Conners of Maywood, Mo.

Joseph Crowell of Kahoka, Mo.

Mikayla Decker of Palmyra, Mo.

Patrick Ellison of Canton, Mo.

Matthew Farlow of Quincy, Ill.

Daxton Flowerree of Quincy, Ill.

Joshua French of Canton, Mo.

Alexander Harbin of Quincy, Ill.

Alexis Hays of New London, Mo.

Courtney Hendren of Palmyra, Mo.

Samantha Hirner of Palmyra, Mo.

Alexander Jarvis of Canton, Mo.

Brianna Krogman of Quincy, Ill.

Omar Marin-Ramirez of Hannibal, Mo.

Dakota McCloud of Monroe City, Mo.

Shantel McGinn of Hamilton, Ill.

Kaylee McVeigh of Taylor, Mo.

Kennedy Merryman of Nebo, Ill.

William Nunnelly of Palmyra, Mo.

Tiffany Passmore of Golden, Ill.

Orenda Pearl of Canton, Mo.

Caitlyn Pinne of Palmyra, Mo.

Caden Power of Palmyra, Mo.

Kailen Quigley of Quincy, Ill.

Kelsey Rees of Payson, Ill.

Krystalnoel Schmits-Nokes of Palmyra, Mo.

Paula Schneider of Hannibal, Mo.

Cole Schwartz of Liberty, Ill.

Matthew Scoggin of LaBelle, Mo.

James Shumake of Fowler, Ill.

Alexander Siron of Paris, Mo.

Dustin Wakefield of La Grange, Mo.

Braeden Wenneker of LaBelle, Mo.

Brooke Wilson of Palmyra, Mo.

Ashlin Wisdom of Stoutsville, Mo.

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