Quincy Junior High School

QUINCY — The Quincy School Board cleared the way Friday for repairs on the elevator at Quincy Junior High School.

Board members, at a special meeting, approved a resolution for emergency health/life safety funding to cover the estimated $50,000 cost.

The hydraulic column which moves the elevator car “has developed a leak or hole and can’t hold pressure to raise the car up and down,” said Isaac Miller with Architechnics, which is working with the school district on the project. “You can’t do anything with it. With no hydraulic pressure, it’s sunk all the way down to the safety springs at the bottom of the shaft.”

Barnard Elevator, which has the maintenance contract on the elevator, will do the work which is expected to take four to six weeks.

“We need to get that fixed as soon as possible,” Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Roy Webb said. “We use that as part of our construction over there moving a lot of materials, and we also have quite a few kids who need that as a handicapped accessible route at the junior high.”

QPS Maintenance Director Dane Barnes said plans call for meeting next week with contractors working on QJHS renovations to “formulate a plan” while elevator repairs take place.

“Without the elevator, they’re having trouble moving equipment and materials,” Barnes said. “We’re going to keep them moving, but we might have to switch the floors we’re working on.”

Initial plans for the summer called for electrical work to continue on corridor ceilings and lights on the third and fourth floors and in classrooms on the first and second floors with painting done on the first two floors.

With the resolution approved, Miller said the contractor can start prep work for the project.

“We’re hoping to get a new hydraulic shaft in four weeks,” Miller said. “We’ll know more, hopefully, as soon as the parts get ordered and be ready to go.”

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