Case #17: This single mother of three is a model citizen in the housing complex where she resides, her case manager says. She has raised her children to be respectful, she works a full-time job which truly is her calling, and her case worker calls Mom a caring and selfless person. She recently allowed her boyfriend to move in with her family, which has helped boost the family’s income. The case manager says this is a good family that struggles from time to time and is extremely deserving of the Good News of Christmas campaign this year.

Wish List: Pots and pans, kitchen towels and several bedding sets including two twin sets for boys and one for girls, are being asked for. They are also seeking a queen side bedding set in teal and brown colors. The male children have asked for tablets, Roblox figures, clothing and science and space items. The girl has requested a Fur Real pet, Barbies, clothing, and Trolls toys. Mom and her boyfriend would like lavender votive candles, socks, and a black backpack. They would also like family board games.

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