Case #25: The mom in this case dropped out of high school when she became pregnant. She believes her child changed her life, so she later obtained her high school diploma to set an example for her child. Her boyfriend has his own children but serves as a father and role model for all three kids. Dad’s income is not steady, and because of that and some accidents in the family, they got into some trouble with credit card debt. They have consolidated it and have completed financial awareness classes, too. The caseworker said anything extra would be helpful this Christmas, as Mom and Dad are not able to afford anything much for their family right now.

Wish List: The children need new clothes and have asked for various DVDS and books, as well as Xbox games. The family would like Gain laundry detergent, a blender to make smoothies, a bookcase, curtains and rods, and a round hamper. Mom and Dad also would like clothing.

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