Case #34: Last year at this time, this family was facing eviction. The teenager in the home was pregnant and concerned about how she was going to raise a child. The family’s caseworker says they have banded together and helped each other out greatly. They are in stable housing; the mother is working while her daughter is taking care of her own child, attends school remotely and works part time. They’ve overcome so many obstacles, their caseworker said, and Good News would alleviate some of the financial stress that Christmas always causes.

Wish List: The family has asked for an extra wide baby gate, unscented baby wipes and Huggies diapers in sizes four and five. They would also like a coffee table and bath towels. The girl has asked for an essential oil gift set, makeup remover wipes and clothes. For the infant, the family would like an activity walker, learning toys and clothing.

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