Case #7: This blended family of seven struggles to make ends meet. Mom receives no support from the fathers of her children. She does not work outside the home, as she takes care of the five kids while Dad works. This family lost their home last year, as they could not afford the mortgage as they fell further into debt. Mom had a complicated pregnancy and Dad had lost his second job. The family stayed with friends and Dad is now working on remodeling a home of their own. Any assistance given to them this year will be greatly appreciated.

Wish List: The family would like an area rug, five-piece bakeware set, a 15-piece shower curtain set, two sets of flatware and a white queen size sheet set. The children need new clothes and winter boots and would enjoy items such as a basketball hoop arcade game, pogo stick, children’s telescope, and a battery-operated ride on toy car. The parents have asked for an Instapot and queen size electric blanket.

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