QUINCY — Blessing Health Center has become the third provider in the country to have the Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) available to give physicians a deeper look than traditional X-rays can provide.

While standard X-rays provide a still image of problem areas, the DDR system uses a series of images taken used low-dose radiation while the patient is in movement to provide a more accurate interpretation of what’s happening for the patient.

Dr. Neill Wright of Blessing Physician Services said the DDR system is filling an important diagnostic need for patients like those with neck injuries.

“There are limitations with static X-rays, as we may not get a very accurate picture of what their neck is doing in motion,” Wright said. “In patients complaining of significant neck pain where all traditional imaging has failed to show any problems, we are seeing with DDR what was not otherwise diagnosed.”

Dynamic Digital Radiography is designed to fill the gap between standard X-rays and more expensive imaging such as MRIs or CT scans.

Maureen Kahn, president and CEO of Blessing Health Systems, said having DDR available at the Blessing Health Center will save patients the choice of traveling hundreds of miles for a similar exam or not getting the tests done at all.

“These patients and their doctors have an alternative that provides even better image quality, is less harmful, less expensive and is close to their home,” Kahn said.

The DDR system is available at the Blessing Health Center, 4800 Maine St. in Quincy, for providers with patients that need the more detailed diagnostic exam.

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