QUINCY — Quincy Medical Group has announced the expansion of services offered with the 3T MRI system to include breast imaging.

QMG said that while a breast MRI is not a replacement for mammograms or ultrasounds, it provides a supplemental tool to those methods. Breast MRIs are typically used to screen women at higher risks for breast cancer, to exam the extent of cancer following a diagnosis, or to evaluate abnormalities found through mammography.

Dr. Robert Haag, a radiologist at QMG trained in breast imaging radiology, said the 3T MRI provides detailed imaging and allows for more accurate diagnoses in earlier stages.

“3T stands for 3 Tesla, which is the strength of the magnetic field in an MRI machine. In general, the higher the T, the higher the image quality,” Haag said.

Quincy Medical Group added the 3T MRI machine in 2019, and is the only facility in the area to offer MRI services with this equipment.

“A screening mammogram is most often used for women,” Haag said. “However, if there is concern based on that mammogram, our radiology team may order an ultrasound. For some women, after those two steps, further evaluation is needed and that is when 3T MRI technology is utilized.”

Haag said a breast MRI may be used following a cancer diagnosis to determine how large the cancer is, to see other cancerous areas, and to see whether underlying muscle is involved.

Haag stressed the importance of routine breast cancer screenings. Patients are encouraged to speak with their primary care physician of OB/GYN provider to determine their specific needs. For more information, please contact the QMG Women’s Health Center in person, by phone at 217-222-6550 ext. 3437, or visit quincymedgroup.com/medical-services/obgyn.

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