QUINCY — The Adams County Health Department has announced that they will be scaling back COVID-19 operations by the end of June.

For more than a year, ACHD has worked with the Adams County Emergency Management Agency to perform COVID prevention and response activities in an effort designed to keep the community healthy. From contact tracing and safety recommendations to local organizations to mass testing and mass vaccination clinics, the Health Department has worked through multiple waves of this pandemic.

With nearly 40% of Adams County residents fully vaccinated, including about 80% of residents age 65 and over, the Health Department stated that the community is in a much more stable position for future control of the COVID-19 disease. Because of this, the department will make changes to their operations on or around July 1.

The mass testing being done at the Adams County Health Department offices will come to an end as of June 30. Local medical providers have programs in place to handle testing requests from individuals that require them for medical or other purposes. Since mass testing began in November 2020, the Adams County Health Department performed more than 60,000 free COVID tests to residents.

Through the online COVID-19 Dashboard, the Health Department worked to keep the public informed of ongoing trends during the pandemic. Updated daily since it was created in April 2020, the Dashboard served as a quick-look reference for residence to see where Adams County stood at any give time. With vaccination coverage increasing and case counts, hospitalizations, and COVID-related deaths decreasing, the Health Department stated the Dashboard is no longer serving a vital purpose. Daily updates will end on June 25, and a link to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s tracking data will be available in its place beginning July 1.

Finally, the ACHD will continue to provide COVID-19 vaccination through scheduled clinics at their location. Residents who wish to receive a vaccination should contact the Health Department at 217-222-8440 to schedule an appointment. As with the COVID testing, area medical providers, as well as pharmacies throughout the region, also offer vaccinations.

The Adams County Health Department stated that if the need arises due to increases in cases or hospitalizations, they will be ready to resume testing and other operations as needed to ensure the well-being of the community.

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