QUINCY — A vaccination program is in the works for Adams County residents who are homebound.

Adams County Health Department Administrator Jerrod Welch highlighted the program as Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker visited the Oakley-Lindsay Center vaccination and rapid testing site.

The health department will work with home health agencies to identify those as homebound and unable to visit the OLC for vaccination.

“We’ll reach out to those individuals directly and say ‘Hey, we can come to you. Would you like us to?’ “ Welch said.

Using Adams County Ambulance Service personnel and public health nurses, a route will be developed to provide the vaccinations.

“It’s going to be an inefficient process we understand, but these are individuals that can’t (come to the OLC),” Welch said. “And we need to get them that vaccine.”

On top of the homebound program, Welch said some mobile vaccine sites will be added in the future.

“In the next week or two what we hope to be doing is setting up those temporary locations, and we’ll be looking at working with the public housing authority to make sure we can get into a few of those locations,” he said. “That will be kind of a hybrid between this homebound concept and what we’re doing here.”

Hosting a vaccination at another location can be difficult because of the medical monitoring that is available at the OLC or through a home health provider, Welch added.

The more vaccinations offered, Welch hopes that will lead to less social isolation in the future for many in the community.

“The mental component of what our society as a whole has gone through in the last year has been incredible, and this is one area where we will hope to take a homebound population who’s also been socially isolated and open the world back up to them just a little bit,” he said.

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