Handing over the keys

Chaddock pastor Kyle Frink (left) looks on Thursday as Union United Methodist Church pastor Marty Pressey (center) hands over the keys to a 15-passenger van to Chaddock Children’s Foundation executive director Jeff VanCamp. The church donated the van to help fill a transportation need at Chaddock.

QUINCY — The Union United Methodist Church in Quincy made a donation of a 15-person van to Chaddock on Thursday.

Pastor Marty Pressey of Union United said Kyle Frink, Chaddock’s new pastor, brought the need to his attention.

“Kyle used to be pastor at Union United and he did some work with the kids here at Chaddock,” Pressey said. “He had mentioned that they could use some additional transportation options. Currently at Union, we don’t have a need for a van like this. With the pandemic and fewer events going on, we weren’t using it, so we thought it would be good to donate it to someone who could put it to good use.”

Jeff VanCamp, the executive director for the Chaddock Children’s Foundation, said the organization has plenty of opportunities to put the van to use.

“This will mean an awful lot. This is going to significantly fill a need that we have for transportation, whether it’s taking our children from place to place, or hauling material around here on campus or to our other locations,” VanCamp said. “We’re preparing a new school in Carthage right now that will have foster and adoption services on site, so there’ll be an awful lot of back and forth. We’ll definitely put some miles on this van.”

VanCamp said the van will he useful in the operations of Chaddock’s foster and adoption services directly, as well.

“We have around 300 kids in our foster care system that we help with, and a lot of them are up in that Hancock County area, so this will really be a great help,” he said.

“I just think it’s mutually beneficial, just as member of the community,” Pressey said. “Chaddock had need of this, and we were able to meet that need.”

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