QUINCY — Illinois landed on two related, but conflicting lists as 2020 came to a close.

According to move.org, Illinois falls fifth on the list of states people decided to leave last year. At the same time, Illinois ranks 10th of the states where people are moving in.

The difference between those two rankings means that the state ended up with an overall loss of residents of just under 80,000 people.

While not specific to Illinois, the move.org survey found that the overwhelming reason for a change of address for most people was due to a loss of income. Work and health reasons, specifically related to COVID-19, were also cited in factors that people decided to change their scenery.

Of the people surveyed, 35% said that buying a home was the leading reason they moved. About 38% of respondents said they rent their homes, even after their move.

Luke Tappe of Davis and Frese Inc. Realtors says that Quincy is nestled away from the rest of the state in some regards.

“It’s a full circle,” Tappe said. “When sellers are moving out of the state, we always seem to gain some.”

Tappe attributes part of that stability to strong, forward-thinking employers in the area. From health services to manufacturing, Tappe said there haven’t been any major closures. Employers took steps early to offset the worst issues related to the pandemic, and that has helped prevent any drastic changes.

“Jobs are stable,” he said, “which keeps the housing market stable.”

Superintendent Roy Webb said the Quincy Public School District has remained fairly flat in enrollment. Because of that, the district hasn’t seen any significant change in state funding that’s based on student population.

Webb added that, although the property tax rate the district uses has stayed flat, the assessed values of the area have increased.

“The rest of the state may be losing people,” Webb said, “but people seem pretty satisfied in Quincy.”

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