Early Tin Dusters return to Quincy

A classic, restored car at the Quincy Mall in Oct. 2019. After being forced to cancel in 2020, the Early Tin Dusters car show returns to the Gem City this weekend. Cars will be on display at the Quincy Town Center on Friday evening, in the District on Saturday, and in Upper Moorman Park on Sunday.

QUINCY — The autumn tradition of the Early Tin Dusters Fall Color Run returns to Quincy this weekend starting at the Quincy Town Center.

Forced to cancel last year’s event, the Early Tin Dusters are ready to bring their cars back to the Gem City for the 45th annual event, setting up at three different locations throughout the weekend.

“We’re shooting for around 500 cars,” Color Run chair Rick Chapman said. “We would be very happy if we could get 600 or 650, but 500 is what we’re hoping to see.

Chapman said one thing that might keep the numbers lower than expected is a new event taking place in Indianapolis this weekend, which will likely draw some cars from that area and other communities to the east that would otherwise come to Quincy.

While the Early Tin Dusters Color Run is open to cars from 1949 and older, Friday night’s car show in the front lot of the Quincy Town Center (formerly Quincy Mall) will be an open cruise-in night in collaboration with the Tri-State Lugnuts Car Club. The show is open and unlimited for anyone to come out and show off their cars, whether it’s a restored classic or right off the lot.

“Saturday morning, the vendors will start setting up around 5 or 5:30 a.m.,” Chapman said. “Then the cars will start showing up around 7 a.m. and we should most of the set up by around 8 a.m.”

The cars will be on display throughout the downtown area of Quincy until around 4 p.m. The Early Tin Dusters will host a dinner at the Atrium on Third, with musical entertainment in the lobby before the dinner and Jukebox Reloaded will perform for into the evening after dinner.

Along with the car show and dinner, the Early Tin Dusters will also have items up for raffle and silent auctions, with proceeds from those as well as donation buckets over the weekend going to support Camp Callahan.

“Through 2019, we’ve raised $259,000 for Camp Callahan,” Chapman said. “We’re grateful for all the support from the community so that we can support the camp.”

Chapman said he’s hoping for that support to continue this weekend. He said they see the support from the car communities, but support from the people in and around Quincy is what has kept the event going for more than four decades.

“Sunday, we have our poker run from 8 until about 10 in the morning,” Chapman said. “Cars that aren’t part of that will start setting up in Upper Moorman. We’ll have welcoming ceremonies, a church service, and recognition for veterans. Amanda Lawrence, who we know from Camp Callahan, will perform the National Anthem. We consider her one of the full-fledged members of the Tin Dusters who doesn’t have a car.”

Chapman said the club will take Quincy Mayor Mike Troup on a tour of the cars on display Saturday so that he can make his selection and present the Mayor’s Award on Sunday. Other awards include the Queen’s Choice, selected by Miss Quincy, and a Long Distance Award for the car that’s travelled the furthest.

“Of course we’re hoping the rain will hold off,” Chapman said. “And we hope everyone is healthy and well enough to be here this weekend.”

For more information, visit the Early Tin Dusters on Facebook or at earlytindusters.com.

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