Hannibal, Mo., resident Britney Buckwalter is in the final round of group competition in the Inked Magazine Cover Girl Competition. She is preparing for the quarterfinal round, and the chance to be featured on the cover of the magazine, included in a feature photo and receive a $25,000 cash prize she plans to use for a down payment for a larger house for her and her two children.

HANNIBAL, Mo. — Britney Buckwalter is following her dream as she advances to the top five in the Inked Cover Girl Competition, with opportunities along the way to help a charitable cause and potentially win a grand prize with family plans in mind.

Buckwalter has been fascinated with tattoos from the moment she got her first one at age 18. Each tattoo has “deep meaning” for her, and she waited six years before she got her second one. She likes to think things through, and said she had a passion for tattoos from the start.

“The moment I got that second one, I couldn’t get enough of them, and I’m still ready to get more,” Buckwalter said.

Buckwalter has been eyeing the Inked Cover Girl Competition for the past couple years. She got the boost she needed to enter the 2021 competition following a “transformation of body and soul,” which led to her healing from past emotional and physical pain and losing 60 pounds.

Buckwalter got the word “blessed” tattooed on her right thigh, following a tough few years of trying to get pregnant.

“Since I had my daughter, I wanted to get that tattoo to just remind me of just how unbelievably grateful I am to have the opportunity to be a mother,” Buckwalter said. “I’m just blessed in general. I wake up every single day completely grateful of every single thing I have, and that tattoo reminds me to stay in that mindset.”

An image of the seeing eye on her right wrist alludes to her role as a psychic medium. Buckwalter calls her daughter, London, 6, her “right-hand woman,” and her name is tattooed on that hand. Buckwalter’s son, Ledger, 4, has his name tattooed on his mom’s left hand. Buckwalter said they enjoy always having their own hand to hold when they go out with their mom.

Inked Magazine’s competition started Jan. 19, and Buckwalter has held the number one position in her group during the first four rounds. The model in the number one position in each group will move on to the quarterfinals on Thursday, Feb. 18, and the voting will be reset.

The competition incorporates free votes, which visitors can cast once daily through Thursday, March 11. The competition raises awareness of the tattoo industry and paid votes, which benefit MusiCares to support music industry professionals in need of support for addiction, health conditions or emergency care.

The grand prize winner will be chosen Thursday, March 11. The winning model will be featured on the magazine’s cover along with a double-page feature spread, an all-expenses paid trip for a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Christopher Kolk and his team and a $25,000 cash prize.

If she wins the cash prize, Buckwalter plans to place a down payment on a larger home, and she’s considering getting some new ink work done in the future.

Buckwalter wished to thank everyone who has helped her along this journey, including her publicist Lisa Pemberton and photographer Pamela Hoth, who is providing photography and editing services free of charge.

“I owe so much of my success to voters,” Buckwalter said. “They are the ones that are keeping me at number one. All of my friends and family and their friends and family who they’re telling to vote — this moment makes me really emotional, because I’m incredibly grateful for their support and their daily votes.”

More information and opportunities to cast free votes and paid votes are available by visiting Buckwalter’s officlal profile page at www.facebook.com/VoteBritneyBuckwalter.

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