QUINCY — The Adams County Empowered program, which aims to provide stronger job opportunities for unemployed residents on probation, has assisted 29 individuals since it was first implemented in April.

Anthony Foster, director of court services for the probation department, provided an update to the six-month pilot program’s progress during Monday’s Adams County Executive Committee meeting.

The goal was to help secure employment opportunities for 25 residents by the end of the six months.

Adams County Board Chairman Kent Snider said participants have found work at Knapheide, Titan and Denman.

Additional ACE partners include the Great River Economic Development Foundation and Bella Ease. The program is funded thanks to a $50,000 contribution of American Rescue Plan Act funding.

The Adams County Board also provided updates on other ARPA projects during Monday’s meeting.

Snider said the goal is to start sending checks out to eligible nonprofits that requested ARPA assistance by February. However, the county is still waiting on paperwork from some applicants.

The county has set aside around $1 million in ARPA funding for nonprofits.

Snider added that the board also hopes to award about $250,000 to the Mill Creek Water District for water line upgrades within the next 30 days.

So far, Snider said the county has distributed between $3.5 million and $3.75 million of its first of two $6.25 ARPA payments. The second payment should be sent out in May.

“There’s still plenty of money that we have to find a use for,” Snider said.

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