Riverfront proposal

QUINCY — On Wednesday, the Quincy Riverfront Master Plan Steering Committee presented amended concepts for the master plan that incorporated public feedback from a second survey and ideas from the Quincy Park District.

Public feedback led to the removal of some items, like a dog park in Concept A and a cruise boat dock on Quinsippi Island in Concept B, while other items, such as a pedestrian bridge to Quinsippi Island, were met favorably. But one major addition being explored by the Quincy Park District was an amphitheater at Lincoln Park.

Park board member Jeff Steinkamp said details such as the capacity of the building and parking availability will be discussed during the board’s December meeting.

A total of 1,277 people responded to the second riverfront survey. Of those, 27% were between the ages of 35 and 44, 20% were between 45 and 54, 19% were between 25 and 34 and 18% were between 55 and 64.

When ranking project goals of the Riverfront plan, participants chose creating a destination as the highest priority, followed by developing flood control measures and developing a unique experience.

SWT Designs partner Bonnie Roy said based on feedback, a core zone from Broadway to Kentucky streets continues to be a priority as the committee works to draft an implementable plan. Once the plan is developed, there will be opportunities to find state and federal grant funding as well as public-private partnerships.

“The prioritizations of these ideas and the funding of these ideas will come in these next few phases, some of that being influenced by the community in terms of their desired interests,” Roy said.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore said one of his only concerns with the amended concepts was the amount of gray area between Lincoln Park and the core zone of the master plan to the south, which leaves the two areas unconnected.

In the original concepts, this space was filled with natural areas, boat launches and boat club areas.

Mike Klingner of Klingner and Associates said there will be a trail route connecting Lincoln Park to the core area.

Although many project ideas have been bounced around, Adams County Board member Bret Austin said that he thinks flood mitigation has been such an overwhelming comment from the public that it needs to be kept at the forefront of the discussions.

The committee is hoping to finalize the master plan by April, which is when the city next meets with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

A community workshop event for the master plan had been scheduled for Wednesday but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the upcoming park board meeting to discuss the amphitheater proposal, the committee reached consensus to reschedule the next public engagement event after Jan. 1.

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