QUINCY — The Adams County Board is working to draft a resolution opposing an Illinois Senate bill that would override county government authority on wind farms.

The bill, which was filed by Sen. Bill Cunningham, D-Chicago, would remove a provision in the state’s Counties Code that allows any part of a county zoning ordinance pertaining to wind farms that is in effect before Aug. 16, 2007, to continue in effect.

Any county with an existing zoning ordinance in conflict with the provisions of the bill shall amend such zoning ordinance to be in compliance within 120 days after the effective date of the legislation.

During an Executive Committee meeting on Monday, Adams County Board Chairman Kent Snider said a resolution against the bill would not hold water against an amended state statute.

“But at least our constituents (would) understand that we are fighting on their behalf,” Snider said.

The bill also calls for at least one public hearing regarding an application for siting approval or a special use permit request for a commercial wind energy facility. The hearing shall not commence more than 45 days after an application is filed and a county board must make a decision on a wind energy request no more than 30 days after the conclusion of the hearing.

The committee agreed to a motion finalizing the drafting of a resolution through the county’s Legislative and Judicial Committee.

Some of the language proposed in the resolution would urge Gov. JB Pritzker to veto the bill should it pass both legislative chambers.

As of Thursday, the bill, which was filed in February is yet to be assigned to committee and has no other sponsors.

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