QUINCY — Now that Adams County has received over $6 million in federal funding through the American Rescue Plan, it can begin close to $1 million in long-overdue IT infrastructure upgrades.

During an April meeting with the Adams County Transportation, Building and Technology Committee, county officials voiced concerns about the lack of storage space and were relying on cloud-based storage systems that were perceived as a Band-Aid solution.

But with the funding secured, David Hochgraber, senior network administrator for Adams County, said the plan is to add new virtual servers that would provide enough storage space to account for body camera and ambulance footage mandated under state law.

“Currently at the county, we are at max capacity of storage and (have) severely outdated equipment as far as servers,” Hochgraber said. “This is going to bring us up to date for the entire county.”

In total, Hochgraber said the IT upgrades will cost close to $1 million.

“This funding couldn’t have come at a greater time because of the drastic need for infrastructure upgrades,” he added.

This plan will help to address connectivity and redundancy issues across all county departments. There also would be plans to establish a backup site outside the county in case of natural disasters.

Hochgraber said the hope is to present a finalized infrastructure plan during the county’s next Executive Committee meeting in June.

The U.S. Treasury Department’s website lists a number of purposes for American Rescue Plan funding, including public health expenditures, addressing negative economic impacts from COVID-19 and replacing lost public sector revenue.

Adams County Board Chairman Kent Snider said the county’s funding came through on Thursday and county’s IT plans were among the bill’s expenditures.

“That was always on the top of our list,” Snider said.

Allocations for local governments through the American Rescue Plan are broken into two payments. The other half of Adams County’s funding would be delivered approximately 12 months after the first payment, according to treasury department’s website.

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