QUINCY — The prospect of privatizing Quincy’s trash services once again was brought up during a review of the city’s garbage, recycling and airport budgets on Monday.

Alderman Jason Finney, R-3, said privatization for garbage and recycling services should at least be explored, especially after hearing that both the police and fire departments are down personnel.

“If we want to add those people back, I don’t want to just add positions willy-nilly so I feel like we at least need to take a look at privatizing both of those and yard waste as well,” Finney said.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore said if garbage services were privatized, the city would have to break the five-year solid waste contract it entered in May 2019 or would have to work out a deal with Republic Services.

As for recycling services, Moore said the city might not have a lot of luck with market as it is but Quincy Recycle would have to be used for the processing center.

However, Moore added that it may be something the incoming administration could work on.

“We have all the (requests for proposal) drawn up and it’s pretty simple to release it and see what you get,” Moore said.

Moore said the garbage fund’s revenues will exceed expenses for a profit of about $94,000 that will be transferred to the recycling fund. Maintenance fleet expenses are budgeted for about $20,000 less than last year, which Moore attributed to the addition of newer vehicles.

On May 1, the city will begin its three-year partnership with Ripple Glass to provide glass recycling for Quincy residents. Although this may affect the amount of landfill fees the city must pay for glass disposal, Moore said it’s something that should be evaluated after the program is launched.

“We have a pretty steady stream of customers,” Moore said. “Our customers’ numbers don’t really ebb and flow that much so we didn’t want to sell the program as a cost savings method so I think it will save a little bit of money in landfill fees but we’ll want to address that in six months from the program’s start.”

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