QUINCY — An eight-phase rollout of Quincy Riverfront Master Plan projects was outlined during Thursday’s steering committee meeting.

Cullan Duke of Klingner and Associates said the first two phases would involve improvements to the proposed event plaza and fountain plaza areas, which could support riverfront programs through the remainder of the development.

The third phase would add a floating dock for visitors traveling by boat to Quincy, while the fourth phase would add a riverboat dock.

The fifth phase would add interactive play areas and work on consolidated parking areas.

“With other phases in place, it should drive the need for additional parking,” Duke said.

The sixth phase would focus on Maine Street in anticipation of the completion of the new York Street bridge. The seventh phase would add a pedestrian ramp and tie everything from the riverfront into the downtown area, according to Duke.

The final phase would focus on a pedestrian bridge to Quinsippi Island.

Throughout the process, Duke said there will be opportunities to provide “quick wins” that would provide more uses for the riverfront, such as a sand volleyball court at Edgewater Park.

“There are some quick wins here with some of these potential areas that could get some immediate programming early and help drive the need for the continuation of the improvements,” Duke said.

Quincy Planning and Development Director Chuck Bevelheimer said he thought the order of the phases made sense but the plan should offer the flexibility to complete projects out of order depending on the availability of grant funding. Duke said the master plan would offer leeway for projects to be intermingled based on funding.

The committee also discussed available parking in a three-block area around the riverfront. A total of 805 current stalls were identified from Lincoln Park to the north to the wastewater treatment plant to the south.

Duke said the current plans propose 958 parking spots, which are estimated to accommodate over 2,800 people. The additional parking could be located along the west side of Front Street and to the south of the water treatment plant.

An additional 400 stalls could be available through agreements with private property owners in the area, according to current plans.

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