Crew demolish northwest side home that collapsed

Crews work on demolition Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 803 N. Sixth. The home collapsed over the weekend.

QUINCY — Crews were expected to have the entire structure at 803 N. Sixth demolished Tuesday after it collapsed over the weekend.

“Our plan for today is to get it on the ground so it doesn’t pose a danger to the adjacent structure to the north,” said Michael Seaver, director of inspection and enforcement with the city of Quincy said. “We’ll get it on the ground and fenced, then we’ll address the cleanup with the owner.”

Seaver said the home was occupied at the time of the collapse.

Electricity and gas meters were removed Saturday, with gas service cut from the street Tuesday along with water.

Seaver said the city hasn’t had any issues with the property, though he noted a 2018 fire, which he believes likely played a role in the collapse.

“From outward appearances, the property was well maintained, and it looked like a nice house,” he said.

Seaver said the last structure collapse that he recalls was a garage collapse in 2020.

“Brick buildings of this age it’s not uncommon,” he said. “We have a few other ones that we’re aware of that have at least an issue that may only be cosmetic at this point, but if left unattended it could potentially meet the same fate.”

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