Future of Quincy Raceways up in air with no buyer in sight

Quincy Raceways, as seen in this Herald-Whig file photo.

QUINCY — No deal is imminent, but Paul Holtschlag is much more confident about the sale of Quincy Raceways than he was a month ago.

“There is no time frame (for a sale), but yes, I’m optimistic,” said Holtschlag, a Quincy area businessman who was either co- or full owner of the dirt track from 2009 through late 2017 and remained involved through 2019 on a contract for deed sale agreement with Jason and Robert Goble.

‘I’m still exchanging formation (with an interested local party), but hopefully, there will be some racing by late this season.”

Holtschlag said he is currently involved in overseeing inventory for the .29-mile track that was closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and did not open this spring.

Holtschlag said Jason Goble asked to be released from the contract for deed agreement late last year. Goble, who served as primary track operator during the 2018-19 seasons, did not respond to inquiries from The Herald-Whig in late 2020 or earlier this year.

In early March, Holtschlag said the 28.5-acre property at 8000 Broadway would be put up for auction if a buyer was not found, but now hopes to avoid that process since these latest negotiations look promising.

Holtschlag, who said he no longer has the time to devote to running Quincy Raceways, has repeatedly emphasized he prefers to sell the property to a buyer wishing to keep dirt-track racing alive at one of the region’s most storied sites. Until the 2020 closing, there had been weekly racing at the “Broadway Bullring” since 1975.

Holtschlag did not say what kind of price tag is on the facility, but said in 2012 the land had been appraised at $325,000. That figure did not include any of the structures, equipment, etc., that would be part of the sale.

In March 2007, the track sold for $300,000, which included $80,000 of additional items associated with the site.

The Albert Scott family built and developed Quincy Raceways in the early-to-mid 1970s, eventually selling the track in early 2007.

There have been seven different ownership groups operate the facility, beginning with the late Albert Scott from 1975-93. Albert Scott’s son, Bob Scott, assumed control in 1993 and oversaw the site through early 2007.

Late models and modifieds have traditionally been the showcase classes at the track, with a variety of other divisions — namely sport mods, stocks cars, hobby stocks, sport compacts and bombers — featured in recent seasons.

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