Hospitality House launches $2 million campaign for new facility

The Teresa Adams House would be built at the southeast corner of North 11th and College Avenue.

QUINCY — More than 14,000 people have stayed at the Quincy Hospitality House since it was founded in 1998, but limitations at the two-story facility at 1129 Oak require people to be turned away at times.

Jayne Pieper, president of the Quincy Hospital House’s board, said the three-bedroom, two-bathroom facility must turn people away because of a lack of capacity and the difficulties in accommodating guests with physical limitations.

“If stairs are not ideal for someone to climb, they’re not going to be able to use the house,” Pieper said. “Right now, we’re turning people away because they can’t climb stairs.”

The Hospitality House provides temporary lodging for patients receiving care in the Quincy area and their family at a discounted cost.

The organization will solve capacity and accessibility issues with a new single-story 6,400-square-foot facility named the Teresa Adams House to be built at the southeast corner of North 11th and College Ave.

A $2 million capital campaign — with more than $1 million already pledged — was launched Friday during a presentation at Blessing Hospital. Part of the campaign includes a $300,000 endowment for operations.

“To be in the silent phase and to already be at the halfway point is outstanding,” Pieper said. “It just speaks highly to what the house means to our community.”

Adams died in 2019 after a 12-year battle with cancer. Known for hospitality and warm and welcoming personality, Adams understood the importance of “home” and “comfort” in the process of receiving health care.

“For 12 years, she battled her disease with grace, determination and intellect,” said Amy Looten, chairperson for the fundraising campaign. “She was an inspiration, and through this house, her strong, brave spirit will now be shared with those who need it most.”

Family and friends of Adams attended the announcement. They have agreed to spearhead fundraising efforts.

The new facility will have eight bedrooms with private bathrooms, gathering and conference spaces, laundry facilities and a snack area. Land was donated by Blessing, which also has provided assistance with design.

Brad Billings, building committee chairperson, said construction could start next spring.

“Since we started back on this effort in August of last year ... building costs have gone up considerably, so we’re hoping that as a little bit off time passes, maybe the supply side of the issues will catch up with the demand size,” he said.

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