Racing will return to Quincy at the newly christened Adams County Speedway

Quincy Raceways action.

QUINCY — The sounds of roaring engines and roaring fans will return to the east end of Broadway in 2022 as the next era for the Broadway Bullring begins with new management.

Jim Lieurance has been involved with the Adams County Speedway, previously named Quincy Raceways, for more than 40 years. Now he's taking the reins following two years of deafening silence from the landmark .29-mile dirt track.

"We getting right back into the swing of things," Lieurance said. "We'll have the car show at Quincy Town Center on March 19 and 20, and then we'll have our first open practices on April 3 and April 6 before our first race back on April 10."

Lieurance said there is some work to be done before they're ready to get cars back on the track.

"There will be a couple of work days in November to get a jump on things," Lieurance said. "Anyone that wants to come out with a lawn mower or a weed-eater or anything, we'll welcome the help."

Lieurance said he's planning on bringing back most things that people are used to seeing at the racetrack.

"We're still working out details to see if we're going to do monster trucks," he said, "but for racing, we're looking at open late models, mod lites, sprints, midgets, we're going to get anything we can slated."

He added that the track will be bringing go-karts back, likely for Saturday night events.

"We're looking to put that track back where it was when the Scotts had the track," he said. "We'll take back the parking area where the go-karts are now.

One thing Lieurance said he is not planning on bringing back in the near future are derby events.

"The work we're putting into the track, we want to offer a great racing surface," he said. "I don't want to go to all that effort and then tear it up with the derbies."

Lieurance said his plan for the track is to get things back to the family-friendly nature of the venue.

"I think doing a little more with security will be important," he said. "We want to focus on offering good service, and making sure it's inviting for everyone, including getting kids to come back out to the races."

Lieurance, along with his wife Tammy and other family members, are hoping the community will continue to show the support they have in the past for the track and events held there.

"For all the years I've worked at the races, the community has always been there, and I hope that continues going forward," he said.

Lieurance said he's currently going to be leasing the track from owner Paul Holtschlag, with a possibility of taking over ownership later.

To stay up to date on what's happening with the racetrack, a new Facebook page was unveiled this week, under Adams County, IL Speedway.

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