QUINCY — After hosting a virtual event in 2020, the Quincy Family YMCA returned to the streets in Quincy Thursday morning for the 42nd Turkey Run.

“With the numbers, you can definitely tell that people prefer to be in person, running the event together, rather than trying to do it virtually on their own,” Johanna Voss said. Voss is the director for membership and wellness for the YMCA.

Voss said that by Wednesday afternoon, the run had hit just over 2,400 participants. With the weather shifting to the freezing point on Thanksgiving morning, she said they might not all show up, but the registration was a good sign for her.

“It’s a little under what we’ve done in 2018, 2019,” Voss said. “Considering what we’re coming back from, I would say we’re right on par.”

Nancy Daniels was one of those who chose not to run because of the cold, but was still at the event to support her husband.

“He registered to run, and I was going to bring the kids for the walk,” she said. “But it’s just too cold to have them out here this morning. We’ll try again next year.”

The funds raised from registration stays with the Quincy YMCA to help with various programs throughout the year.

“It helps us support our financial assistance program,” Voss said. “It also helps us keep programs sustainable. That way we don’t have to raise prices, we can get everyone in, keep things affordable for everyone.”

Voss said the runners make up part of the equation for the success of the run, but they’re not the only part.

“We appreciate the community supporting us,” she said. “It’s not only the people that are out here running, but the people that live along the routes, maybe their driveways are blocked, things like that, but the way the community supports us is great.

“We couldn’t put on an event like this without them,” she added.

For more information on programs offered by the Quincy Family YMCA, please visit quincyymca.net.

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