To The Herald-Whig:

The Quincy Tea Party recently hosted a forum for the Quincy mayoral candidates. It was an excellent opportunity for Quincy voters to hear the candidates and to measure their ideas.

Having listened carefully to their perceptions of our community’s problems and their ideas to meet the city’s challenges, I believe they all missed the fundamental problem.

We need more money to fund street improvements and other significant financial shortfalls. Most agree that higher taxes are not the solution.

No mayor can solve this problem. The solution lies with each individual Quincy citizen. And that solution is to buy locally.

When you order from you may save a few dollars but that money goes to billionaire Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s wealthiest persons. And to him Quincy is nothing.

Buy Quincy! Everything you need can be obtained here. And the profits remain in Quincy to help fund our community.

Mail-order purchases bleed our community. That is obvious as you see the many stores that have closed in the last five years.

The solution to our community’s needs lie not with the mayor, nor in outside sources. Only we can make the difference! Buy locally.

Don Blickhan

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