To The Herald-Whig:

In November, Illinois voters will be voting on Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s new progressive tax — the one he calls the “Fair Tax.” He states only the upper 3% will pay more. The rest of us will get a tax break. This is only a proposal. What actually happens will likely be much different.

The state of Illinois has a huge pension problem and a budget deficit. It has an agency rating that is the lowest in the nation and is basically bankrupt. Who believes overtaxing the upper 3% will solve this momentous problem? Politicians will have to “adjust” the rates to include more than the 3% to satisfy their insatiable need for tax dollars. We never hear about trimming government costs; just the need for more tax dollars.

The upper 3% didn’t become that by overpaying taxes. They have ways of sheltering income. The governor himself once used a “creative” method to dodge real estate taxes by removing the toilets from his mansion, thereby lowering the value and thus the tax owed.

If approved, tax rates could change every year and force more Illinoisans to take their money and leave the state. That’s especially unfortunate since Illinois already leads the nation in population decline.

If you are confident in the math skills of our legislators who have led our state to the brink of financial ruin, then go ahead and support the governor’s “Fair Tax.” However, we encourage you to vote “No” and send a message that higher taxes are not the answer.

John Schmitt

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